5 Best Sales Follow Up Emails to Close More Deals

Sales Follow Up Emails is one of the most effective tools in nurturing leads and closing deals for any business.

Email Marketing is essential in almost every part of your Sales Cycle – whether it is pitching or presenting your product, or building trust and developing relationship, or ultimately closing the deal. Perhaps the most important aspect of successful sales development is to send engaging sales follow up emails after the initial outreach. Although persistence is key to following up, it’s equally important to send the right message in your sales follow up emails to increase email open rates and get more responses. Most people get so many spammy emails every day that it can be difficult to make your sales follow up emails stand out. Here are examples of sales follow up emails that you can use to get your prospects’ attention and drive sales.


5 Best Sales Follow Up Emails to Grow your Business

Here are 5 examples of sales follow up emails based on different situation that you might face while working a lead. Each example has a sales follow up email template that you can use to reach out to prospects & leads.


1. If you’re unable to reach your prospect on phone

This happens to sales people so many times. Let’s say you tried called a prospect, but he didn’t pick up, probably because he is away from his desk. In that case, you can send the following “sorry i missed you” email after leaving a voicemail at his desk.

Hi [Prospect’s name],

Hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry I couldn’t reach you on the phone, today. I called because [explain why you’re calling].

I’ve left a voicemail saying I’ll call again on [date & time]. You can also reach me at [your phone number].


[Your name]


Your prospect may be away from his desk, but he can quickly reply to this email from his mobile. It’s a short email that you can easily read and reply to.


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2. After Networking events such as Trade Shows

Salespeople need to attend so many networking events such as trade shows and expo’s to build relationships, find new prospects & leads for their business. How do you continue nurturing the leads after the networking event is over? Here’s a sample follow up email to a prospective client that sample sales follow up email you can use to follow up with the prospects you met at a trade show.


Dear [Prospect’s name],

I hope you met some amazing people at the [networking event name] show and learned some great things that can help you grow your business.

As we discussed, here is “6 Expert Tips to Boost Your Sales” [or some other content]. If you’d like more details about any of the techniques discussed in [content details], I’d be happy to have a 10 minute chat with you where we can go over relevant case studies and whitepapers.

I’m happy to help you grow your sales, so please feel free to call.


[Your name]


You need to customize your follow-up approach based on the prospect’s level of interest, and personalize your message after researching them.


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3. After the First Conversation

Let’s say you reached out to your prospect and had a great conversation about his business & problems, and also talked about how your business can help them with your products & services. What next? Here’s a sample sales follow up email after phone call, that you can send to take things further.

Hi [Prospect’s name],

I’m glad I got a chance to learn about your business in our phone call [or meeting] today. I understand the problems you’re facing [challenges that you discussed] and how it impacts [people and processes impacted] .

As discussed, here are [link to] the case studies and articles that can help you understand how [your company name] can help you solve [biggest challenge your prospect is facing].

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a mail. Looking forward to talking to you on [date & time].


[Your name]

You can also modify & use the above message as a sample follow up email to client after sending proposal/quotation.


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4. Second, Third & even Fourth Attempt

Persistence is the key to driving sales and growing your business. It’s very likely that they missed your email, or forgot about you, or they’re too busy to read email on that day. So you need to send further follow up emails till you reach the right person, or he basically asks you to stop.

The trick is to add more value with each attempt, till you tip the scale. Also, reduce the meeting duration so that it fits his schedule better. In the example, below we’ve reduced the meeting duration from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. Here’s a voice mail you can use for your second follow up, in case the 1st one didn’t get a reply.

Before sending a voice mail, write out the message, so you don’t miss any key point in your message

Hi [recipient’s name],

I’m [your name] calling. I’m just checking in to see if you got a chance to look at the 6 Expert Tips. Are you using any of the ways to grow sales for [prospect’s company name]?

If not, I can help you understand how you can get started. Are you open for a 10 minute call on [date & time]? You can reach me at [your phone number] or email me at [email address] to schedule a call. Have a nice day!


If the second follow up doesn’t get a response, try the third follow up. Here’s an example of sending a follow up email after no response from prospect or client.

Hi [Prospect’s name],

I understand you’re busy driving sales for [prospect’s company name]. I just wanted to share with you how [client name] was able to grow their sales by 25% in 2 months, using our “6 Expert Tips to Increase Sales”. In 10 minutes I can walk you through how your business can apply these tips to boost sales.

Do you have time for a call on [date & time]? Otherwise, you can let me know a date & time that works for you.

Looking forward to a call with you.


[Your name]


If you still don’t get a response, you can send another voicemail.


Hi [Prospect’s name],

This is [your name] from [your company name]. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reach you. When we last spoke at [networking event name], you had mentioned about [sales challenge prospect is facing] and how we can help you solve it. I can understand if you’re busy with other important tasks and projects at work.

I just wanted to let you know that I’d be happy to have a call before or after work hours if it makes things easier for you. You can always suggest a date & time that works for you. I don’t want to be a nuisance, but I just want to ensure we get a chance to talk in case you’re still interested in solving [sales challenge prospect is facing].


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5. Last follow-up email

If you’ve sent 5 or more emails and have not received any response from your prospect, then you can send a final “breakup email” that clearly communicates to them that you won’t be contacting them any further unless they reply to your email.

Such emails help you filter prospects who are interested but just haven’t had enough time to look at your offer, from people who are not interested in your product or service.


I don’t know if you got a chance to look at my previous emails but I’ve been unable to reconnect with you. I’m not sure if it is because you’re not interested in what we have to offer, or it is because you’re too busy to talk now. It will be really helpful if you can let me know I should contact you any further. 

You can simply reply  A/B/C/D/E and I’ll know how to proceed. Please reply so I can stop sending emails if that’s what you want.

A. Don’t send emails about your products & services but send email invites for events.

B. Unsubscribe me from your mailing list. I’m not interested & never will be in your products & service

C. We need help but I’m too busy to talk right now. Keep mailing and we’ll figure out something later.

D. We need help urgently. Let’s schedule a call. Please suggest a date & time.

E. I don’t remember who you are. What are you talking about?



By asking your prospect about the next step, you can gauge how interested they’re about your products & services, and nurture them accordingly by scheduling a meeting or sending them educational newsletters till they’re ready to close the deal.


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Hopefully, the above sales follow up emails will enable you to build more meaningful relationships and close more deals. Nurturing leads and closing deals is an iterative process that may not work at the first attempt. However, sending the right sales follow up email at the right time can open doors for you, get your prospects’ attention, and enable you to boost sales. Persistent follow up is the key to be a successful salesperson.


Do you have any tips about sending sales follow up emails? Please share them as comments.


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