5 Best Landing Page Examples You Can Use For Your Own Business

Studying Landing Page Examples is a great way to find inspiration and design ideas to build awesome landing pages yourself.

Landing Pages are one of the best ways to move customers along the funnel during their buying journey. So what makes a good landing page? Designing great landing pages requires a clear understanding of customer requirements, and an equally good repertoire of landing page design ideas. Here are 5 Best Landing Page examples sourced from various industries to help you get design inspiration for your landing page ideas.


5 Best Landing Page Examples & Design Ideas to learn from

Here are 5 landing page examples for landing page design inspiration. You can use these landing page templates to get design ideas and improve conversation rates for your business.

1. MuckRack

It can be tricky to design a single landing page design template for 2 different audiences. MuckRack has all the elements of a great landing page design. The top part of the page is split in two – to serve their 2 different audiences – Marketers looking for journalists & Journalists who want to build their portfolio. Each part has headline, call-to-action and background image for their respective target audience.

As you scroll down, it provides 2 separate sections again – one for marketers and the other for bloggers. Each section describes the benefits of using MuckRack for their target audience. For example, the section for Marketers describes how MuckRack can help them find journalists and also provides customer testimonials from Marketers and PR agencies who have used MuckRack.

Similarly, there’s a separate section for bloggers & journalists that lists how MuckRack can help amplify their social reach, and provides testimonials from other journalists.

This makes it easy to navigate to your relevant sections – whether you’re a marketer or a blogger. It’s like 2 landing pages rolled into one.

muckrack landing page

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2. CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy is another example of a well-designed landing page. Their landing page is simple and easy-to-understand, appropriate for its target audience of people who are learning to code and might be intimidated by the very idea of coding.

The image above the fold shows a computer screen with html tag and a blinking cursor and their heading clearly points out what CodeAcademy does – it allows you to learn coding for free.

They’ve got a simple sign up form that allows you to sign up via email, Google or Facebook account.

As you scroll down, their landing page explains the benefits of learning to code, with the help of a simple real-life story. It also provides an accompanying short video that demonstrates what CodeAcademy does and how it benefits people in real-life.

For people who are still not convinced or are hesitant, their landing page provides additional testimonials and success stories to explore.

codeacademy landing page


3. Poached Jobs

Poached Jobs is a job portal for the food & drinks industry. They have one of the best B2B landing page examples that connects restaurant owners with culinary talent.

When you visit their landing page, their “Post a Job” call-to-action clearly tells you what they do. Once you click it, you can easily post a job using a step-by-step job posting wizard.

Coming back to the landing page, it provides tons of easy ways to search for a job. You can look for jobs based on location – street, address, landmark, city, or even state. You can also filter jobs based on your job type – barista, kitchen, floor, management, accounts, etc.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also lists the latest jobs available all over United States that you can simply scroll through. This makes it really easy for people to find jobs even if they are not tech savvy.

poachedjobs landing page


4. Breather

Here’s an example of another awesome B2B Landing Page Design Template. Breather provides meeting rooms & short term office spaces on demand, for large enterprises, small businesses and even independent professionals.

We love this landing page because it answers 4 main questions that every visitor would have with their service.

  1. What does their service do? Their topmost section clearly tells you that they provide dedicated workspaces for businesses
  2. How to find a workspace?
  3. What are the benefits of using their service?
  4. How does their service work?
  5. Who else uses their service?

They’ve created 5 nice sections that are simple and easy to navigate. In each section, they’ve answered user questions & concerns with just 1-2 lines of crisp copy and accompanying images that help people imagine themselves using Breather workspaces.

After these 5 sections, they provide some research material and a video to add credibility to their service, which we feel is not really required and can be removed.

The best part of this landing page is that by the time you’ve scrolled to the bottom, all your key questions and concerns would have been answered. So you’d be tempted to try it out.

breather landing page


5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing example of how you can design a landing page that is simple, effective and targets multiple audience at once. Khan Academy caters to 3 different audiences – parents, teachers and students. So building a single landing page for them is a challenge.

This is how they do it. Their landing page shows a headline “You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.” that connects with everyone and lists 3 call-to-action buttons below – 1 for each type of audience. This makes it easy for teachers, parents and students to navigate their site further.

If you scroll down, they have organized their content based on field of interest and subjects (school grades in some cases), similar to sites like CraigsList, which makes it easy to quickly find the information you’re looking for.

khanacademy landing page



Hopefully, these landing page examples provide design inspiration for your own landing pages. A well-designed, user-focused landing page can not only attract the right visitors to your website, but also entice them to take the next step -whether it is signing up for your product, or downloading an ebook. It even reduces bounce rate, improves ad quality and increases ppc campaign performance.


You can also use exit intent popups to capture more emails on your landing pages.


Do you have any landing page design best practices to share? Please let us know as comments.



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