5 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for Web Analytics

Are you looking for Google Analytics Alternatives? If so, then you’ll be happy to know that there are many great alternatives to Google Analytics.

Google analytics is an amazing free web analytics tool by Google that’s used by most websites around the world to track website visitors and understand user behavior. However, it can take hours to learn Google Analytics even for basic functionality, and its real-time analytics could certainly get an improvement. Here are 5 best Google Analytics alternatives that you can use in conjunction with GA to help you grow your business.


5 Best Google Analytics Alternatives

1. Piwik

piwik web analytics tool


Piwik is a free, self-hosted Google Analytics alternative that enables you to easily track website visitors and analyze user behavior. It’s a mature web analytics tool that provides tons of insights about your website traffic. It even allows you to disable cookies on self-hosted version and effortlessly comply with EU cookie laws without showing the cookie notice. However, its self-hosted version requires your to keep the monitoring server up all the time. Piwik even provides a hosted version for those who don’t have the resources or are not interested in a self-hosted web analytics platform.

Piwik already provides most features that are available in Google Analytics. In fact, since it is an open source web analytics tool, it even has an open product roadmap. You can even import log files into Piwik, something that you can’t do in Google Analytics. It even provides a mobile app for both iPhone & Android and an in-depth real-time traffic overview, while Google Analytics only provides an Android App and its real-time insights could certainly use an upgrade. All in all, it’s a great open source alternative to Google Analytics.


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2. Parse.ly

parsely web analytics platform


Parse.ly is an audience data and content analytics platform for digital media publishers, and is an awesome alternative to Google Analytics. It’s a bit expensive but it’s tailor made for blogs and online publications.

The great thing about Parse.ly is that it allows you to track website traffic, conversion rates and other web stats by posts and authors. In fact, you can even compare web traffic for published posts, articles, author, social media engagement, etc.

You can also find out the most popular blog topics based on your own blog as well as worldwide trends, to help you create future articles. Parse.ly even enables you to predict future website traffic.

Parse.ly provides a comprehensive real-time web analytics module that enables you to track analytics metrics & KPI’s immediately after setup. It also provides an in-depth web analytics dashboard to help you monitor how your website is doing. You can easily setup custom reports and schedule automated email reports. It’s a great alternative for Google Analytics especially if you’re an online publisher.


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3. KISSMetrics

kissmetrics web analytics software

KISSMetrics is another amazing Google Analytics alternative that enables you to track where your website visitors come from, what they do on your site, what key actions they perform on your site, and how they convert. It’s basically a conversion rate optimization tool that allows you to easily analyze visitor paths to find out the most frequently used purchase paths and most profitable referral sources. It’s more tailored towards ecommerce websites and online saas businesses, unlike Parse.ly that’s meant mainly for publishers.

Unlike Google Analytics that provides an exhaustive list of website metrics, KISSMetrics is more focused towards revenue optimization for your business. So it basically allows you to track conversion rates at every point of your website, and provide exact metrics to improve them. If you run an ecommerce business, KISSMetrics will surely help you drive more revenues.


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4. Clicky

clicky web analytics solution

Clicky is a simple Google Analytics Alternative that provides tons of useful features for web analytics and a lot more. With Clicky, you can even set up uptime monitoring and heat maps, and avoid using additional tools for them.

Clicky is an amazing web analytics tool for small and medium business. It’s easy to setup, simple to use and basically provides most features of Google Analytics. It’s not really suitable for large websites, as well as real-time analytics.



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5. Woopra

woopra real time web analytics

Woopra is a robust, mature and comprehensive web analytics platform that’s also a great alternative to Google Analytics. It provides real-time web analytics that allows you to see how many visitors are currently your site and how many of them are reading your content. You can even drill-down into visitor history over past 90 days to see what they’ve done on your website, so far.

Woopra stores the full history of each visitor, and allows you to slice and dice website data by a variety of dimensions such as no. of pages viewed, entrance pages, exit pages, etc. It’s a lot easier to analyze visitor data in Woopra than in Google Analytics, since it focuses mainly on visitors, instead of just providing website metrics.

With Woopra, you can pretty much find out everything about your website visitors. You can even integrate it with your customer base to get the actual names for your visitors!

You can also integrate Woopra with your online store to see what your visitors are doing, such as browsing products, clicking related products, placing order, adding items to shopping cart, subscribing to newsletter and more. Such amazing insights enable you to setup highly targeted promotional campaigns, as well as persuade customers for upsells & cross sells.

Since Woopra provides so many features, it can take some time to set it up and become familiar with it. However, once Woopra is up and running on your website, it’s way more powerful than Google Analytics, with its in-depth web analytics and powerful integrations.


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Hopefully, the above Google Analytics Alternatives help you plug the gaps left the popular free web analytics tool. Although Google Analytics is a great web analytics platform, there are many amazing alternatives to Google Analytics that provide in-depth features to help you with specific aspects of your business. For example, parse.ly provides custom features tailored for online publishers, whereas KISSMetrics is meant for ecommerce and saas business. The key is to try out each web analytics tool to find out which one fits your requirements and helps you drive more revenues. Each of these web analytics software can perfectly complement Google Analytics, and together, they can provide a comprehensive understanding of your website visitors and user behavior, helping you target the right audience and grow your business faster.


Which is your favorite alternative to Google Analytics?



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