5 Best Facebook Automation Tools for Your Business

Facebook Automation Tools make it a lot easier to promote your business on the social media platform, by automating common manual tasks such as creating engaging posts and other online content, managing Facebook Pages, replying to direct messages, posting marketing content to various Facebook Groups, and more. They help you simplify your work and get more things done quickly. Here are 5 Best Facebook Automation Tools that make it super easy to automatically publish Facebook posts and updates, monitor their performance in real-time online social media dashboards, and manage social conversations.


5 Best Facebook Automation Tools for Social Media Marketing


1. SproutSocial

sproutsocial facebook automation tools

SproutSocial is an amazing web-based social media scheduling tool that enables you to manage your Facebook accounts, schedule automated Facebook updates, publish Facebook posts, and even analyze key social media metrics about your posts. With SproutSocial, you can even shorten post links, attach images & videos, customize Facebook posts and also define your target audience.

SproutSocial even provides rich social media analytics and reporting that enables you to track the reach and engagement of your Facebook posts using real-time web-based social media dashboards. You can easily export these reports in multiple formats and share them with your team as well as clients.

It’s an awesome social media management and audience engagement platform that enables you to track all your incoming messages as well as outgoing Facebook posts across multiple Facebook accounts, from one place. Although their pricing starts at $99/month, SproutSocial provides a 30-day free trial to help you find out if it improves Facebook Marketing for your Business. They even have a great blog that consistently publishes really useful articles about social media marketing.


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2. HubSpot

hubspot facebook automation tool

HubSpot is one of the most popular and comprehensive online marketing platforms that allows you to easily manage all your online marketing campaigns from one place. If you’re a marketer, chances are, you’ve definitely heard about HubSpot.

HubSpot easily connects to your contact list, classifies them based on their stage in your sales funnel, helps you prioritize responses and provides amazing social media ROI. HubSpot claims to be the tool you need to avoid impersonal connections and adhoc conversations on Facebook.

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software that allows you to publish multiple brand pages, schedule Facebook posts, and even attach videos & images. It also provides robust social media analytics and reporting to help you track key social media metrics about your marketing campaigns. If that’s not enough, consider the fact that HubSpot even has a mobile app so you can easily manage Facebook Marketing from anywhere, any time.


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3. Buffer

buffer best facebook automation software

Buffer is an amazing Facebook Automation Tool that enables you to easily post content to Facebook, from your laptop or mobile phone. You can even schedule automated Facebook posts and updates on Buffer. Like SproutSocial, it also allows you to shorten links in your Facebook posts.

Buffer allows you to connect multiple Facebook profiles, pages and groups to your account, and directly post updates and publish content to them, from one place. Their free plan allows you to connect 1 Facebook profile and schedule up to 1o posts a day. It even suggests the best times to publish Facebook posts and updates, to get maximum reach and engagement for your posts, and also provides robust social media analytics and reporting to track the performance of your Facebook Marketing efforts.

In fact, Buffer has grown into a full-fledged social media scheduling tool that also supports other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.


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4. HootSuite

hootsuite facebook marketing software

HootSuite is a fantastic social media management platform that enables you to easily connect your Facebook profiles and Business pages, publish updates and content to your Facebook Audience, and even reply to direct messages and comments, all from one beautifully designed web-based real-time social media dashboard. It’s a great Facebook Relationship Management Platform that allows you to manage Facebook pages and engage audience.

You can easily launch social media marketing campaigns, target the right Facebook audience, grow your social media reach and even broadcast highly targeted Facebook messages using HootSuite’s Social Media Dashboard. With HootSuite, you can even reach Facebook Users via geo targeting, and manage all Facebook conversations from one place.



5. AgoraPulse

agorapulse facebook marketing tools

AgoraPulse is an awesome all-in-one Social Media Management Platform that provides great Facebook Automation Tools to manage Facebook pages and audience. It provides tons of features that enable social media marketers to grow and engage Facebook Audiences.

With AgoraPulse, you can attract and engage Facebook fans with fully customizable Facebook applications for quizzes, sweepstakes, photo contests, fan votes, and more. It also provides advanced real-time statistics about the performance of your Facebook Pages, that you can compare with those for your competitors.

AgoraPulse even provides a moderation tool that enables you to manage your Facebook timeline, and a lead qualification tool that automatically imports your Facebook data into your CRM software and email marketing platform, so that you can nurture them and convert more fans into customers.




Hopefully, these Facebook Automation Tools will help you be more productive and get better results from your social media marketing campaigns. The key is to evaluate each Facebook Automation Software to find the one that fits your requirements and helps you improve your Facebook Marketing efforts. In fact, most of these automation tools have grown to become comprehensive social media management platforms that enable you to automate social marketing activities for other social media platforms too.


What is your favorite Facebook Automation Tool?


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