5 Best Facebook Ad Tools to Optimize Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ad Tools are a great way to quickly create amazing Facebook Ads, improve productivity and boost the ROI of your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Here are 5 Facebook Ad Tools to help you efficiently create and manage Facebook Ad Campaigns for your business.


5 Best Facebook Ad Tools to Optimize Facebook Advertising


1. Facebook Ads Manager App

Facebook Ads Manager is a really useful mobile app that enables advertisers to easily manage Facebook Ad Campaigns using mobile devices. It allows you to track Facebook Ad Campaign performance, edit your existing ads, update ad budget & schedule, receive push notifications from the app, and even create Facebook Ads directly from the app.

facebook ads manager app


Facebook Ads Manager is a super convenient and powerful tool for advertisers to easily manage ads from anywhere, anytime. It’s meant for small to medium sized advertisers and allows you to create Facebook Ads using existing page posts or from images & photos on your device. Facebook Ads Manager is available as iOS app and Android app.


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2. Facebook Ads Exclusion Targeting

Facebook Advertising Platform provides tons of ad targeting options that enable you to precisely define your ad target audience using a wide range of targeting criteria and filters. Did you know that you can even exclude certain user segments from your Facebook Ad Campaigns, for better advertising results?

Facebook Ads Exclusion Targeting is one such amazing tool that enables you to avoid showing your ads to the same people twice, and thereby waste your ad budget. For example, you can use Facebook Ads Exclusion Targeting tool to exclude your existing customers from your Facebook link Ads or Carousel Adverts. In fact, you can even use this tool to target website visitors who haven’t converted yet, and exclude those visitors who have already converted. This enables you to easily optimize your Facebook Advertising Costs.

facebook ad exclusion tool


Exclusion Marketing allows you to lower your cost per action as well as cost per clicks, reduce budget on spent on wasted clicks, and reach people who are more likely to convert.


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3. Qwaya

Qwaya is an awesome Facebook Advertising Tool that provides tons of useful features such as ad scheduling, campaign organizer, autorotation of ads, and performance-based rule setting. However, it’s most powerful feature is the ability to automate A/B testing (split testing) of your ads. In fact, it allows you to do A/B testing for both ad creatives as well as target audiences.

qwaya split testing


Although Facebook allows you to split test your Ad Campaigns, its capabilities are quite limited and lacking in some areas. Qwaya’s split testing feature allows you to find out which combination of images, texts & targeting allow you to create the best performing ads for your business.


4. AdEspresso’s Facebook Ads Compass Report

AdEspresso’s Facebook Ads Compass is a great Facebook Management tool to track the performance of your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. It also allows you to monitor ad campaign performance for multiple accounts from one place. So, if you’re an ad agency, you can easily select which account and ad campaign you want to monitor and analyze, so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the information.

adespresso compass report facebook ad tools

It’s a great Facebook ad analysis and reporting tool for small and medium businesses, and allows you to easily automate Ad Analysis. It also provides tons of recommendations that enable you to optimize your campaigns quickly. If you are manually managing your Facebook Ads, and analyzing campaign performance then a Facebook Ads Compass can help you easily save a lot of time and boost your Ad Campaign ROI.

In fact, AdEspresso generates your Ad Campaign Performance Report by comparing the performance of your Facebook Ad campaigns against the industry benchmarks that it has created by analyzing over $290 million in Facebook Ad spend. So it’s an amazing tool to see your Facebook Ads performance against other businesses in your industry.


5. HootSuite Ads

HootSuite has partnered with Facebook to build a Facebook Ad management software that allows you to automatically create and launch Ad campaigns, based on your existing top performing organic posts. Called, HootSuite Ads, this tool analyzes your Facebook Business page to find the best ads that you can promote, and automatically launches ad campaigns by applying automated targeting & bidding algorithms. These ads are basically promoted posts, created from the best performing organic posts on your Facebook Page.

hootsuite facebook ad tool


HootSuite Ads will help even advertising beginners to quickly create Facebook Ads. Since it picks only your organically best performing posts to create Facebook Ads, these automated ads are bound to attract decent clicks and views. Also, since you’re already spending time and resources to create your organic posts, it makes sense to reuse them to create Facebook Ads. Try it out to see if it improves your Facebook Ad ROI.

Although HootSuite Ads automated your Facebook ads, it’s also important to understand how to create a Facebook Ad Campaign, to know the basics, and how to control each aspect of your Facebook to optimize your campaigns.



Hopefully, these Facebook Ad Tools will help you create amazing Facebook Ads and grow your business.

Facebook Advertising has grown become a robust ad platform that allows you to create Facebook Ads in a wide range of engaging ad formats (such as video ads, carousel ads, canvas ads, etc) and provides tons of ad targeting options that allow to target the right audience no matter who they are, what they do, and where they are located. Facebook Ad Tools make it easy to automate your Facebook Ad Campaigns, do A/B testing, target the right audience and generate amazing ad creatives.


Do you use any Facebook Ad Tools? Which is your favorite Facebook Advertising Tool?