10 Referral Program Examples for Small Businesses

A good referral program helps retain old customers as well as brings new customers, enabling small businesses to achieve their sales targets. Also, acquiring new customers from referral programs costs less compared to attracting their attention via traditional marketing. It, however, takes time to craft an effective referral program. Here are ten referral program examples to help you design one for your business.



Evernote offers an app that keeps your notes organized. Its referral program is one of the best referral program examples, that benefits both the referrers and their friends.

A referrer earns ten points for each of the first three successful referrals, and gets an additional five points when a friend purchases Evernote Premium for the first time. And, the friend referred by the existing user is given Evernote Premium just for getting started.



Budsies, a provider of custom-sewn stuffed animals created from any drawing or photo, encourages its customers to share a referral link via email, by posting it on social media, or by shouting it from the rooftop.

When anyone visits the site by clicking on the link and buys something, the customers are rewarded with a $20 Budsies coupon.



Skillshare is an online learning community for creators. As part of its referral program, it offers its referring members as well as the new ones free access to Skillshare Premium. The new members who land on the site by clicking on a referral link can try Skillshare Premium for two months for free.

The referring members, on the other hand, get a month of free access for every new Premium sign up that
happens due to the referral link that they had shared.


Sam’s Club

The referral program of Sam’s Club, offered by Walmart, a chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs, is e-Gift card-based. Theirs is one of the simplest & best referral program examples. When someone signs up via referral, the referring member gets a $10 eGift card, while the new member is sent a $20 eGift card.



DocuSign’s referral program gives its referring customers a $20 Amazon gift card if their friends purchase a plan for one of its e-signature solutions, while the new subscribers get a 10 percent discount.



Scribe’s referral program is called the Ambassador Program. The book publishing service offers a $2000 referral fee to an ambassador who succeeds in getting a potential author to sign up with it.

It also gives bonuses at certain referral milestones; for example, the ambassadors will get a package of $36,000 for
25 referrals, along with $50, 000 that they have already earned in referral fees.


The FreeAgent

The FreeAgent, a provider of online accounting software, provides its existing users good discounts if their referral leads to new subscribers.

Moreover, they get an extra 10 percent discount if the new subscriber continues to use the accounting software.

And, the existing users can use the software for free if their referral link helped the site gain ten new subscribers. The new user, too, gets a 10 percent discount if they sign up using the referral code.



Upserve, a provider of restaurant management platform, offers its referrers $200 per new sign up, and there is no limit to the number of people that they can refer.



Car2Go offers hourly car rental services without rental offices or return stations. As part of its referral program, it provides its existing customers a $10 drivetime credit per referral.

The new customers also receive a $10 drivetime credit with a new personal promo code, along with the chance to sign up for free.


Pupsik Studio

Pupsik is a provider of baby and parenting products. Its referral program lets its customers to earn points, which they can redeem later. Their existing customers get 250 points whenever a friend, who arrived via referral, makes the first purchase. They can earn more points if that friend orders more. And, just for signing up, the new customer earns 100 points and gets special discount codes on their first order.


Wrapping Up

The above referral program examples should help you build a compelling referral program for your own business.


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