10 Blog Post Ideas to Start & Grow Your Blog Quickly

Generating Blog Post Ideas consistently is essential to drive website visitors, build your subscriber list and grow your audience. Here are 10 Blog Post Ideas to Start & Grow your Blog. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional blogger, you can use these Top Blogging Ideas to write popular blog posts that engages your audience and build email list quickly.


10 Blog Post Ideas to Start & Grow your Blog


1. Lists of ideas

Lists are an amazing way to generate blog post ideas. People love to read lists. From a reader’s point of view, lists somehow give a sense of being inherently useful. From a writer’s point of view, it’s a lot easier to break a topic into list of ideas and elaborate on each point with 1-2 paragraphs. This post, for example, is a list. No wonder how WatchMojo built it’s entire blog on lists.

Before writing any blog post, ensure you use one of the keyword research tools to do short-tail and long-tail keyword research so that your posts are SEO friendly.

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2. How-To’s & Tutorials

How-To’s & Tutorials is an easy blogging idea. Usually, nobody likes to read instruction manuals. However, How to’s & tutorials are hugely popular among internet users. That’s because whenever people face a problem, or want to figure out how to do something, they Google it. And it seems a large number of people are constantly looking for tutorials and how to’s everyday. WikiHow has become popular simply on the basis of How-To articles. Not convinced? Just look at the number of “tutorial videos” on Youtube. How To’s & Tutorials are immensely useful for beginners.

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3. Ultimate Guides

On the other hand, experts & professionals look for comprehensive guides for their area of expertise. In fact, you can combine a bunch of How To’s & Tutorials on a topic that you’ve written, to create an Ultimate Guide about it. Ultimate guides are also promoted as “The Essential Guide to …”,”The Complete Guide to …”, “The Only Guide to …”

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4. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) is another great blogging idea. You’ll be surprised by the number of people searching for FAQs such as “how to blog”, “how to setup wordpress”,”how to do online marketing”. There’s an ocean of simple frequently asked questions that you can blog about.


5. Interviews of Customer, Industry Experts & Influencers

With so many blogs out there, it can be difficult to set your blog apart. Interviews are a fantastic way to generate blog post ideas. You or your team members can set up interviews with customers, industry experts & even influencers, and publish the interviews as a series of blog posts. The most amazing thing about interviews is that each interview leads to loads of content – interview blog post, podcasts, videos, slideshows, follow up articles, infographics about industry trends.


6. Case Studies & WhitePapers

Cast Studies are another amazing way to publish credible blog posts and establish industry expertise. Just like interviews you can publish various case studies about the problems faced by your customers, how they use your products & services, and even specific use cases of your products & services by industry (e.g retail, automobile, technology,manufacturing, etc ), by department(e.g, sales, marketing, IT, engineering, etc), and even by functional role (e.g CEO, product managers, marketers, etc)


7. Surveys & Online Polls

Surveys & Online Polls are an easy way to generate blog post ideas. Create an online survey/poll and run it on your website targeting visitors for a week or two. You can use tools like Survey Monkey or Qualaroo for this. Also, promote your survey via email, social media pages and other blog posts.

After a week or two, analyze the results of your survey and publish a series of blogs posts about the findings in your survey. This will not only improve your site authority but also such content gets shared and linked to more frequently.


8. Product Reviews

Product Reviews are such an incredible source of blog post ideas that you can build an entire business around it. Just look at sites like Trust Radius and G2Crowd.

Product Reviews are a great source of high quality website visitors. Tons of internet users are constantly searching for online reviews of products before using them in their personal as well as professional lives. You can even add affiliate links to the reviewed products and make money instantly.

Product Reviews also establish your blog as a trusted and credible source of information about your industry.


9. News Topics

This is one of the easiest blog post ideas. Write news articles about the latest trends in your industry. Also, subscribe yourself to other news websites in your industry to stay up to date about the latest industry news. Most people log in to news sites the first thing in the morning, or as soon as they get into office. Also, news articles have a high chance of being shared on social platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and this can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. You can even publish your content as Facebook Instant Articles to increase reach and engagement.


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10. Productivity Tips

Who doesn’t love productivity tips? There are so many high traffic blogs such as LifeHacker and Buffer Productivity Blog which proves that a large number of people are searching for, and are interested in productivity tips. You can blog about improving work productivity at office, or even provide productivity tips to improve personal life. The key is to pick a topic or set of topics that enables you to write a large number of blog posts.


You can even use one of the content marketing tools to research more content creation ideas.  Also check out top blogging tips from experts & influencers to grow your blog and engage your audience. You can also use exit intent popups to capture more email subscribers for your blog.


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Do you have any blogging ideas you’d like to talk about ? Share them with us as comments.