10 Best Web Analytics Tools

Web Analytics Tools make it easy to measure the number of visitors to your website, understand user behavior and monitor conversion rates. They collect, measure and analyze data about website visitors, and generate easy-to-understand reports that provide meaningful insights to help you grow your business. Here’s our list of 10 Best Web Analytics Tools to help you understand your website visitors and drive more revenues faster.


10 Best Web Analytics Tools


1. Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free web analytics tool that allows website owners to track and analyze website traffic. It enables you to see which landing pages drive most traffic, which keywords bring most visitors and provides a break up of your website traffic by useful dimensions such as traffic source, referral sites, location, age, gender, and more. Google Analytics also generates easy-to-understand reports and dashboards for your website that includes information about traffic sources, content, visitors and even conversion goals. You can also create custom Google Analytics Dashboard as well as Google Analytics Reports to track events, metrics and goals for your business, whether it is for ecommerce, social media, seo, ppc advertising or even content marketing.


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2. Woopra

woopra web analytics software

Woopra is another web analytics software that’s a great alternative to Google Analytics, and provides real-time web analytics tracking. It’s a SaaS web application that gives you real-time visitor stats such as where they live, which pages they’ve visited on your website, how long did they stay on your website, and which browser they use. Woopra also creates detailed customer profiles for each customer so you can sync customer data and track their activity in real-time. Woopra also provides robust web analytics reports and dashboards that help you track key performance metrics about your website such as bounce rate, and conversion rates. It offers a free plan with limited features. Pricing starts from $79/month.


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3. Clicky

clicky web analytics solution

Clicky is an amazing real-time web analytics tool that enables you to track user behavior on your website, and provides real-time web analytics reports and dashboards to help you understand your website visitors in great detail. Clickly lets you see user actions for each website visitor, and attach customer data such as username & email to each visitor so you can see full history for each visitor. It also provides detailed web analytics reports and dashboards that provide in-depth insights about every segment of visitors, and allow you to sort & filter data so you can quickly find out what’s working and what can be improved. Clickly also provides awesome tools like real-time heatmaps for each visitor session. You can even view heatmaps for visitor segments (e.g users who stayed on site for more than 3 minutes)


4. Chartbeat

chartbeat website analytics platform

Chartbeat is a great real-time web analytics solution that constantly monitors your website visitors and provides useful insights about what they’re doing on your website. Chartbeat tells you how your articles and other content are performing, and how to optimize them for reader engagement. This allows you to improve your content or design to drive more visitors, increase engagement and improve conversion rates. It provides a 30-day free trial. Pricing starts at $7000/year.


5. Kissmetrics

kissmetrics web analytics application

Kissmetrics is another awesome website analytics tool that allows you to monitor visitor movements throughout your website, understand user behavior and actions. Kissmetrics enables you to see which pages your visitors have visited and how their behavior has changed over time. It provides a timeline of user activity that helps you understand what visitors are looking for, what they like, their preferences and more. Kissmetrics even allows you to discover patterns and trends in user behavior and find the most common referrers to your website. It provides tons of useful analytics features that are not found in other web analytics tools, such as user cohorts, sales funnel tracking, and even A/B testing. They offer a 30-day free trial with pricing starting from $500/month.


6. User Testing

user testing website analytics tools

User Testing is a unique website analytics platform that allows you to hire actual human testers who will perform a set of tasks on your site. Each user’s activity is recorded on video, and within an hour you’ll get a feedback about your website or product. You get to hear actual thoughts, ideas, problems and questions from website visitors in you target demographic. It’s a great way to understand your website visitors, and their user experience.


7. Crazy Egg

crazy egg website analytics platform

Crazy Egg is a web analytics tool that allows you to visualize which pages your visitors go to and where they click, using real-time heatmaps. It shows you where visitors are moving their mouse pointers, and since mouse movement is linked with eye movement, it helps you find out which areas of your web pages grab user attention and have maximum engagement. Basically, Crazy Egg tells you where people are clicking, how many people scroll down your web pages and where they stop, where do visitors come from and who clicks what the most. It has a 30-day free trial and pricing starts at $9/month.


8. Mouseflow

mouseflow web analytics tools

Mouseflow is an amazing web analytics tool that makes it super easy to understand how users behave on your site. It lets you see visitors’ behavior using heatmaps, session replays, funnels, form analytics and feedback campaigns to help you understand & fix visitor pain points quickly. You can see videos of each user interacting with your website, including mouse clicks & movements, scrolling and keystrokes. You can also see heatmaps for different time periods to understand the effect of the changes you make on your website. Mouseflow provides a 14-day free trial and pricing starts from $29/month.


9. Optimizely

optimizely web analytics platform

Optimizely is an awesome web analytics platform that allows you to analyze and improve your website through A/B Testing. You can create variations of your web pages (e.g with different logo, bigger CTA buttons) and run experiments on your website to find out which variation drives most engagement, increases conversion rate and achieves other marketing goals, that you define for your business. Optimizely allows you to experiment everything on your website, analyze the results and improve user experience, all without any coding.


10. Clicktale

clicktale website analytics software

Clicktale is another web analytics tool that makes it easy to understand user behavior of website visitors by recording every action of website visitors, from their first click to their last, while they’re on your website. It then generates visual heat maps and reports about customer behavior, in addition to the standard traffic and conversion dashboards provided by other web analytics tools. Similar to Crazy Egg, Clicktale is a video recorder of website visitors’ activity that provides meaningful insights about mouse movement, scrolling, clicks, and dozens of other critical visitor behavior.



Web Analytics Tools make it easy to monitor website visitor activity, understand user behavior, improve user engagement and conversion rates. The key is to evaluate each web analytics tool to see which one fits your requirements and budget, before you make up your mind. However, it’s necessary that your website gets a minimum amount of traffic (at least 5000 unique visitors per month) for these web analytics to be meaningful. If your website doesn’t get so much traffic yet, then it’s better to use only Google Analytics till your site traffic increases to a point that warrants the use of other web analytics tools.

Hopefully our list of web analytics tools will help you find the right analytics solution for your business.


What analytics tools do you use for your website? Which one is your favorite?



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