10 Best Google Analytics Tools for Your Business

Google Analytics Tools make it a lot easier to use Google Analytics as well as extend its functionality in many ways. Here are 10 Best Free Google Analytics Tools to help you get more things done with Google Analytics in a lot less time. In fact, some of these tools & add-ons can be used with Google Tag Manager (GTM) as well. All of these tools are free browser add-ons that you can simply download & install with a click.


10 Best Free Google Analytics Tools for Your Business


1. Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant is a great google analytics tool that enables you to verify if you’ve properly added google analytics tracking code to your website or blog, and troubleshoot in case of problems. In fact, you can also use it to verify Google Tag Manager Installation as well as Google Adwords Conversion Tracking. Tag Assistant is a Chrome extension that you can easily download & install from Chrome store.

google analytics tools tag assistant


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2. Google Analytics Debug

Google Analytics Debug is a Chrome extension that allows you to debug Google Analytics right from within your browser. It basically inserts a piece of code when you load a page containing Google Analytics Tracking Code in your browser. This allows you to see useful information, warnings and errors messages about Google Analytics installation and performance, in your browser console. It also provides in-depth information about each tracking beacon/variable that your website sends to Google Analytics.


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3. Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics is a wonderful Google Analytics Tool that allows you to see how customers interact with your web pages, including what they click & didn’t click. You can use these insights to optimize your web page layout, and increase conversion. When you load a page for which you have Google Analytics Access, it basically uses the Google Analytics Report data for it to generate page insights. You can even use the Google Analytics date comparison and segmentation tools right from within the extension.


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4. Table Booster

Table Booster is a useful Google Analytics Tool that provides insightful visualizations using the plain old google analytics tables, using some cool visualization aides. This allows you to easily spot trends, outliers and patterns in your google analytics data, which you may have otherwise missed. Here’s an example,

Google analytics table booster


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5. RegEx Helper

Regular Expressions (RegEx) are used to match text strings to pattern expressions. In google analytics, you need to use Regular expressions at many places – for defining filtering criteria for report tables (using table filters) as well as create separate views (using view filters). They are also required to define advanced segments, conversion goals as well as funnel steps. On the other hand, it is very cumbersome and error-prone exercise to manually create regular expressions from scratch. RegEx helpers make it a lot easier to quickly generate regular expressions based on your requirements, which you can use then use in your Google Analytics accounts & profiles.


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6. Annotations Manager

Annotations Manager is a greasemonkey script that enables you to copy, delete and export GA chart annotations. It’s super useful if you want to copy your chart annotations between GA profiles & accounts, export them as CSV, or even remove multiple annotations together.


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7. Confidence Checker

Confidence Checker is a useful statistical tool that allows you to compare multiple individual conversion rates against your overall conversion rates. It basically performs a z-test that shows the confidence interval of the 2 selected dimensions, so you can check if the differences you see are statistically significant. Here’s an example,

confidence checker google analytics tool


8. Web Developer Toolkit

Web Developer Toolkit is a robust set of web developer tools (available for Firefox & Chrome) that enables you to identify & fix web page issues and errors on your browser. It allows you to see actual source code, as well final generated source code for your web page, which enables you to analyze how your page content changes when it is loaded. It also provides an amazing DOM inspector and browser error console, and even allows you to lookup cookies with just a click.


9. Campaign URL Builder

Campaign URL builders make it easy to create marketing campaign URLs by adding tracking parameters to URLs that you can track in Google Analytics. However, the default Google Analytics campaign URL builder is a little cumbersome to use. Here’s a campaign URL builder tool that makes it easy to track marketing campaigns and provides some really nice features. For example, being a browser extension, it automatically loads your current web page address, and allows you to create & manage a set of pre-configured url tags, that is, a template for generating campaign URL. It also allows you to choose your default campaign template that you can use to quickly generate multiple campaign URLs.


10. Tag Manager Injector

Tag Manager Injector, is a powerful Google Tag Manager tool that enables you to easily add your own GTM snippet to a web page. This allows you to build your Google Tag Manager test environment and deploy it on your site, using your browser. It will be a GTM install only for you, and is really useful to test a setup before actual deployment.

google tag manager tools



Google Analytics Tools enable you to do a lot more things with Google Analytics, such as inspect your Google Analytics Installation, use Google Analytics Report Data to generate detailed web page insights and even debug Google Analytics. The best part is that most Google Analytics tools are free and simple browser extensions that you can effortlessly install with just a click. In fact, Google Analytics has a dedicated App Gallery of browser extensions and add-ons built by third-party developers, that you can use to extend the functionality of Google Analytics.


What are you favorite Google Analytics Tools? Share your experience with us as comments.