10 Best Free HTML Email Templates

HTML Email Templates make it easy to design professional-looking emails that can help you promote products & offers, grow your email list and engage with existing subscribers. Here are the 10 Best Free HTML Email Templates you can use to boost Email Marketing Strategy for your business.


10 Best Free Responsive HTML Email Templates


1. Cerberus

Cerberus Patterns for Responsive HTML Email Templates

Cerberus is an amazing open-source free HTML Email Template Framework that enables you to create responsive HTML Email Templates for Email Marketing and much more. It’s a small collection of highly customizable email layout patterns for responsive HTML Email Templates that work even on Outlook & GMail. The HTML email templates are organized in the form of well-commented code blocks that can be used, removed, combines and nested to create new HTML email templates. Cerberus provides fluid responsive HTML email templates that work on mobile, tablets & laptops of any screen size.

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2. Litmus

Free Responsive Email Templates Litmus

Litmus Email Marketing Software provides 5 Free Responsive Email Templates as freebies to its email subscribers. These HTML email templates fall under various categories – newsletter email template, product promotion email template, receipt email template for invoicing purposes, simple email marketing template to send offers and messages, and a stationery email template. The email templates have been tested on more than 50 email clients including GMail & Outlook. They also work very well on mobile & tablet devices. To download these email templates, you need to sign up for their newsletter. You can try out these free HTML email templates in your marketing campaigns to increase email open rates and click-throughs.


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3. Responsive HTML Email Framework

Responsive HTML Email Framework

Email Framework is another awesome open-source HTML Email Framework that provides free responsive HTML Email Templates that you can use in your Email Marketing Campaigns and other business requirements. It allows you to design elegant responsive email layouts using grids, modules, blocks and rows for content, buttons, spacing elements, image rows and more. Email Framework has been tested to work with most email clients, as well as mobile devices.


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4. Foundation for Emails

Foundation for Emails A Responsive Email Framework from ZURB

Foundation for Email is a free HTML Email Framework by Zurb, that provides free responsive HTML Email Templates to quickly create responsive HTML Emails that work on all major clients, including Outlook. Building HTML Emails is hard, especially responsive emails. Foundation for Emails allows you to build good looking responsive HTML emails that work great on all major email clients and any device. You can use Foundation for Emails to create responsive HTML email templates for Transactional Emails, Marketing Emails and Drip Campaigns. You can choose from 10 responsive HTML email templates that have been tested on mobile and desktop versions of all major email clients.

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5. Antwort

Antwort Responsive Layouts for Email

Antwort is a collection of pre-designed HTML email layout templates that adapt natively to desktops and mobile devices. Email templates look great on iOS & Android, and support all major email clients like Yahoo!, GMail, and Outlook. It uses a minimal design style and is built with dynamic email content in mind. This allows you to easily customize email templates without worrying about how they’ll look with content.


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6. Playground by Zurb

Responsive Email Templates Playground from ZURB

Playground by Zurb is a collection of 5 responsive HTML email templates put together by Zurb Foundation, to help you make your email campaigns responsive. The email templates come with separate HTML files and CSS stylesheets, to help you easily customize email layouts and patterns. Although Campaign Monitor is their recommended email campaign client, the email templates have been tested on all major email clients. You can even use it with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp that combine HTML files and sylesheets into a single file when sending out emails.


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7. Mosaico

Free email template builder Responsive mail editor and designer Mosaico

Mosaico is a free email template builder that allows you to build responsive email layouts using their email building platform. It’s an open source email template builder that enables you to create beautiful and effective email templates that work on every device, without a team of developers. You can build custom responsive HTML email templates using an intuitive drag & drop interface and simple email template language, and easily personalize email layout styles.


8. Open Source Email Templates

Open Source Email Templates sendwithus

Sendwithus is a popular email marketing platform that enables bloggers & marketers to design and build email templates using their email marketing software. It provides a collection of 14 free responsive HTML email templates that are open source and community driven. The email templates are available as HTML files that you can download and use with any email software.


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9. Responsive Email Patterns

responsive email patterns

Responsive Email Patterns is a collection of pluggable patterns and modules to build responsive HTML email templates for your business. It provides a wide range of email elements, layout, media, lists, navigation and grids to quickly create responsive email templates that you can use in your email platform like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor or email client like GMail or Outlook.


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10. Free HTML Email Templates by Campaign Monitor

HTML Email Templates Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of the most popular Email Marketing Platform that helps tons of online email marketers all over the world to create email marketing campaigns to grow their email list and engage with subscribers, monitor campaign performance and optimize email marketing strategy. It provides an amazing list of 100 free responsive email template layouts and designs that you can use to improve your email marketing. You need to provide your name, email address and company name to download the guide of email templates. It contains beautiful and professionally designed responsive email templates for any situation that you can imagine – from traditional newsletter email templates to templates for business partnerships, from templates for event newsletters to ones for business talks. You name it, they have it.




Responsive HTML Email templates make it easy to design highly customized, professional looking responsive email layouts that help you improve brand image, grow your email subscribers and better engage with your customers. It’s tedious and time-consuming to design emails from scratch. There are plenty of free HTML email templates that are responsive and easy to customize. Pick an email template that you like and modify it according to your requirement, use it in an email marketing service like Mailchimp to monitor your email campaign performance metrics like open rate and click rates. This will tell you if the email template you use is effective or not.


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Do you use any of the above free responsive HTML email templates, or would you like to suggest one? Kindly let us know as comments.


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