10 Best Facebook Ads to Get Ideas From

Are you looking for the best Facebook Ads? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

Facebook Advertising Platform provides tons of amazing features that enable you to create engaging Facebook Ads and precisely target audience. However, if your Ad creative isn’t appealing, then it’s very likely no one will click your Facebook Ads. Here are the 10 Best Facebook Ads that you can use to get Ad Ideas for your business and drive more clicks.


10 Best Facebook Ads that you can use for your business

Here are 10 Best Facebook Ad Examples that you can use to optimize Facebook Advertising for your business.

1. Use Brilliant Ad Images

Ad Images are one of the most factors that affect the click-through rates. If your ad images are attractive, then people will read your Ad copy. So it’s really important that you use high-resolution and high contrast images in your Facebook Ads. Use contrasting colors that complement each other, and bold fonts to make your Ad stand apart.

google facebook ad

You can also use colors of your brand to keep your Facebook Ads consistent with your website.

asana facebook ad example


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2. Use multiple Ad Copies over time

Most businesses make the mistake of using the same Ad copy over time. Eventually, people get tired of looking at your same ads over and over again. So it’s important to regularly create variations of your Ad copy and run A/B tests. Otherwise, you’ll find your click-through rates start falling over time. You can also test each aspect of your ad copy (such as headline, ad text, offer) to see which one works the best and improve your ad copy. Here’s an example of how co-promote varies its value offers.

copromote facebook ad1

copromote facebook ad 2


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3. Write more than 10 different Ad Headlines

One of the most effective ways to improve your Facebook Ad Clicks is to write at least 10 different headline variations for each ad. Why? It enables you to get creative, pick the 2 or 3 best ones and A/B test them to find the Facebook Ad headline that delivers highest click-through rates at the lowest cost-per-click. According to SciencePost, 70% of users don’t read beyond the Facebook Ad Headline, before liking or sharing it.

Here’s an example of Shopify’s Facebook Ad that clearly tells you how they can help grow your business: build your store on FB.

shopify facebook ad example


4. Leverage Video Ads

Video Ads are the latest trend in social media marketing. In fact, according to Adobe, people who watch video Ads are 1.81 times more likely to buy your product or service, than those who don’t watch video ads. Many global brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Red Bull have been successful with Video Ads.

nike facebook video ad

Also, remember to add video captions to your Facebook Ads, as many users play Facebook videos without audio. According to Facebook, captioned video ads drive 12% more view time than non-captioned ones.


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5. Use Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live is an awesome feature that allows Facebook users to create live videos using just a smartphone camera and share it with others on Facebook. It also provides some really cool video filters to spice up your videos, and also provides the ability to track video engagement at various points of your video.

facebook live video with video filters

facebook video analytics

It’s a great way to create behind-the-scenes videos about your brand, products and customers, as well as create video tutorials and latest news.



6. Create Carousel Ads

Facebook’s Carousel Ads are a great way to tell stories about your brand and customers. They allow you to create a Facebook Ad using a carousel of images, which you can use in many different ways to list your products’ benefits, promote multiple products in your catalog or even show how to use your product.

facebook carousel ad example

In fact, you can also create Facebook carousel Ads for your top performing blog posts and articles.

facebook carousel ad example


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7. Create Facebook Ad Landing Pages

It’s not enough to create stunning Facebook Ads. When people click your ads, they’ll land on your website. So it’s equally important to design a high conversion landing page for your Facebook Ads. Ensure that the design, look-and-feel of your Facebook Landing Page is very similar to those of your Facebook Ad. Here’s an example of Buffer’s Facebook Ad and their consequent Landing page. Notice how their landing page looks very similar to their ad.

buffer facebook ad example

Here’s the landing page for their ad.

buffer facebook ad landing page


It’s also good to create a separate landing page for each Facebook Ad. This will help you customize your landing page for each Facebook Ad Campaign and drive more conversions.


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8. Refine your Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook Advertising Platform provides a plethora of targeting options that enable you to precisely target users anywhere in the world. However, it’s important to note that your Ad targeting does impact your Ad cost. For example, here’s a study by AdEspresso that shows how your Facebook Ad’s cost-per-click varies depending on your target location.

facebook ad cpc by country

So the trick is to avoid targeting irrelevant audiences for your Facebook Ads. For example, you can exclude custom audiences to avoid showing ads to people who have already seen your Ad or acted upon it.


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9. Optimize your Ad budget

Here’s a simple hack to optimize your Facebook Ad budget. You’ll need about 10,000 ad impressions to A/B test your Facebook Ad and determine if it’s working or not. So use lifetime budgets that are just more than your planned budget at the beginning of your Facebook Ad campaign. This will ensure that Facebook allocates more resources the beginning of your campaign.

facebookad budget optimization

Also, use custom scheduling to exclude low performing ad delivery times. To find out the best delivery times of your Facebook Ad campaign, go to Facebook Manager and break down the Ad Campaign performance by Ad account time zone. This will help you refine your Ad campaign schedule accordingly.

facebook ad scheduling

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10. Run A/B tests

As with any marketing campaign, it’s super important to regularly A/B test your Ad campaigns. A/B tests allow you to create variations of your Facebook Ads and display them to similar audience, to see which one works the best. You can set up A/B tests to test various Ad design aspects (such as Ad images, headline, ad text, etc), or even Ad targeting (such as country, gender, age, interests, etc). Ensure that you run A/B tests for at least 10,000 impressions or 500 clicks to get statistically significant insights.


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Hopefully, these Facebook Ads will give you new ideas to optimize your own marketing campaigns. Facebook Advertising is a great way to reach your target audience, engage them with really immersive Facebook Ads and grow your business. However, it’s always good to research and learn from other Facebook Ads to draw inspiration and get new ideas that will enable you to improve your own Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Do you have any tips and best practices for Facebook Ads?