10 Best Facebook Ad Examples to Optimize Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook Ad Examples enable marketers to learn from other businesses, see what they’re doing right and optimize their own marketing strategy. This enables them to reach a wider audience, engage them and drive quality leads to their website. Here are 10 Best Facebook Ad Examples for 2017 you can use to optimize your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Facebook Ad Designer allows you to build a variety of engaging Ads using text, images & videos. The first 3 examples are based on Ad Placement (desktop, mobile, column) and the rest are based on the Type of Facebook Ads.

You can use them as a Facebook Ad Design Templates when you create Facebook Ad campaigns.


Facebook Ad Examples to Optimize Your Facebook Marketing Campaign


1. Right Column Ad by Winc (formerly Club W)

Here’s a right column Facebook Ad by Winc that’s a great combination of relevance, strong value proposition and great visuals. It appears on the right column of your Facebook Page.

facebook right column ad

Here’s why it’s such an effective Facebook Ad Template:

Good Visuals: The Ad shows a variety of Wines and that will appeal to a wide range of wine lovers

High Relevance: It appears in the news feed of users who are interested in Wine & Drinks.

Attractive Value Proposition: Who wouldn’t buy 3 bottles for $19 ? They also offer an additional value – discount on your first order of wine.


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2. Desktop News Feed Ad by Amazon

Here’s an example of a Desktop News Feed Ad by Amazon. Although they’re more expensive than column ads, they tend to have better engagement, since they almost look like a news feed item.

facebook desktop news feed ad

Here’s why this Facebook Ad example is so amazing:

Great Visuals: They have clearly separated the product and the promotional text in their image. They’ve also provided the product rating which improves its credibility.

Sense of Urgency: The ad mentions that it’s one of today’s deals and adds a sense of urgency to buy the product. Their call-to-action “Shop Now” is another way they create an urgency to buy their product immediately.

Enticing Value Proposition: Amazon has clearly described the product’s enticing value proposition – a self-cleaning litter box.

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3. Mobile News Feed Ad by New York Times

Here’s an example of Facebook’s Mobile News Feed Ad. Like Desktop News Feed Ad, it appears in your mobile news feed, just as organic posts from the people & pages you follow.

Here’s what makes this Facebook Ad great:

1. Good Visuals: Although there is a lot of text in this Facebook Ad, their unconventional illustration is eye-catching.

2. High Relevance: If you’re in your 20s and interested in health & fitness, you’d

definitely read it. Also, it appears like an organic post in your mobile news feed.

3. Social Proof: The ad also shows how many of your friends like, share and comment up on New York Times. That’s a clever way of persuading people to click your ad.

4. Audience Engagement: The ad compels people to engage by asking a question that will make them click the ad to find out more. It also provides other ways to engage with their brand using likes, comments and shares.

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4. Facebook Video Ad by Kay Jewelers

Video Ads allows you to display short videos in your Ads, just like showing images. They allow advertisers a better story telling opportunity.

Here’s an example of Facebook Video Ad by Kay Jewelers that’s short and engaging.


Here’s why it’s a great Facebook Ad Template for engaging audience:

1. Good Visuals: It’s really easy to understand what the ad is about, and what Kay Jewelers does, even with the Audio turned off. Also, video ads are much larger than static posts and drive more engagement.

2. Engaging content : The ad is about a guy gifting a jewel to a woman he loves. It has a sweet & cute tone that connects with couples who love pets, gifts & jewelry. Such content tends to get high number of likes & shares.

3. Great Call-to-action : The ad is designed to get more likes and CTA button at top right corner is clearly visible. With such nice Ads, you’re tempted to Like the page so that you get to see more such content from them.

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5. Photo Ad by NatureBox

Photo Ads are one of the most common Facebook Ads you must have seen on your News Feed. The trick is to ensure that your image adheres to Facebook Ad Specs & Image Size to avoid cropping or blurring of your image.

Here’s a photo ad by NatureBox

facebook photo ad

Here’s what works for them:

1. Great Visuals: The Image shows a variety of snacks that will appeal to a wide range of audience. Also the mention of free samples is bound to increase interest.

2. Awesome Value Proposition:  People are often concerned about the health aspects of what they eat. The Ad clearly mentions that their snacks do not contain any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavor. They also offer a free trial of their snacks.

3. Clear call-to-action: The ad is designed to drive likes. Healthy Snacks. Free Trial. What’s not to like?

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6. Multi-Product Ad by ShutterFly

Multi-Product Ads allow you to show a carousel of images where each image links to a different page. You can use it to promote different set of anything – products such as books, pen, or even blog posts, webinars and e-books. Carousel Ads are one of the best Facebook Ad Types provided by Facebook Ad Designer. Read our complete step-by-step guide to Facebook Carousel Ads to create stunning Multi-Product Ads.

Here’s an example of a multi product ad by Shutterfly

facebook multi product ad

Here’s why this ad is so amazing.

1. Great Visuals: The Ad uses a series of images which have similar color palette, making it look consistent and cohesive.

2. Clear Value Proposition: It offers a 40% discount on each product, along with end date and promo code. It also educates the viewer about the different products sold by Shutterfly.

3. Sense of Urgency: By providing an end date for product discounts, they’ve created an urgency among viewers to buy their product. Even if their competitors also advertise on Facebook, the time limit on Shutterfly’s Ad will compel people to at least visit their site and explore products.

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7. Local Ads by Mizzou Campus Dining

Facebook Local Ads are a great way to promote your local business. You can use Local Ads to target niche audience located within a few miles of your local store. Here’s an example of Facebook Local Ad by Mizzou Campus Dining.

facebook local ad

Here’s why this Ad is so great:

1. Great Visuals: Mizzou clearly knows its target audience (college students) and what they like to eat (sandwiches, snacks and drinks). Their ad shows a plethora of snacks and drinks, along with a Subway Logo that will only entice college students to visit Mizzou Campus Dining.

2. High Relevance : It must be appearing on the news feed of all college students on campus and near by hostels.

3. Great Value Proposition: They clearly mention that they have everything for a hungry college student before, during or after a game.

4. Clear Call-to-Action: The ad has only one call-to-action, to get directions to its store. This makes it super easy for campus students to reach them no matter where they’re located.


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8. Offer Ad by Boston Sports Club

Facebook’s Offer Ads are a great way for businesses to promote a discount or offer on their products or services and allow people to redeem them directly on Facebook. It eliminates the extra steps of visiting the landing page to redeem the offer, and is therefore an amazing way to increase sales.

You can even include a time limit for your offer, as well as show the number of people who have already redeemed it.

Here’s an example of an offer Ad by Boston Sports Club

facebook offer ad

Here’s what works for them:

1. Great Visuals: Just by looking at the image you get a reasonable idea of what the ad is about – either boxing, fitness or sports, in general. Also, if you follow the woman’s gaze in the image, you’ll see their call to action “Join Today for only $5”. That’s a smart way guiding user attention.

2. Great Value Proposition: $5 is a steal for a monthly gym membership.

3. Clear Call-to-Action: Their CTA clearly asks you to sign up before 11/28. Using an offer end date and keywords like “Hurry” they create a sense of urgency to join their sports club.


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9. Event Ad about Tortuga Music Festival

Event Ads allow you to promote any kind of events like music festivals, parties, and even office events. Facebook allows you to target audience within a few miles of your venue, as well as people who are interested in the music band that’s playing or their genre of music.

Here’s an event ad about Tortuga Music Festival

facebook event ad

Here’s why it’s so amazing:

1. Great Visuals: The picture alone gives an idea of how much fun it would be to be there. The crowd of people tells you that it’s a big deal and you need to be a part of it. Hordes of people gathered around a massive stage at a beach on a sunny day. Sounds like a huge party, doesn’t it!

2. Highly Relevant : People who saw this Ad were fans of Kenny Chesney or interested in Country Music. They were also from Florida where the event took place.

3. Clear Call-to-action : Their CTA is pretty simple, buy the tickets. With phrases like “Time is running out”, they have added an urgency to buy tickets before they’re sold out.


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10. Boosted Post by Bustle


Boosted Post is a type of Ad that allows you to boost the reach of an organic Facebook Post that was posted on your Business Page. If you don’t have one already, here’s how you can create a Facebook Business Page.

Learn How to Boost Post on Facebook.

It’s different from other types of ads as you don’t need to create it in Facebook Ads Manager. Unlike other ads, there is no word limit in your Ad copy. You can also add a link in your Ad copy.

Here’s an example of a boosted post from Bustle.

facebook boosted post

Here’s why it’s so great:

1. Great Visuals: A neon window sign of Amazon Prime is certainly eye-catching and will persuade you to pause scrolling through your News Feed.

2. Good Value Proposition: Their ad claims to tell you about the brilliant products that people buy. What are these products? What makes them brilliant? Why are people buying them? Their post claims to have answers to all these questions that you’re thinking about.

3. Clear Call-to-Action : Since their headline is so intriguing (using words like Odd & Brilliant), you become curious to learn more about this article. That’s precisely their Call to action – Learn More.

You can even publish your posts as Facebook Instant Articles to increase reach and engagement.


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Hopefully this list of Facebook Ad Examples for 2017 gives you ideas to improve your Facebook Marketing Strategy.  Building Facebook Ads that are engaging and optimized for your target audience can improve the Quality of your Facebook Ads and reduce your Facebook Advertising Costs. If you also use Instagram for Business, you can also create Instagram Ads from Facebook Ads Manager.

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Do you have any Facebook Ad Examples to share with us? Please provide them as comments.