10 Best Email Marketing Software Tools & Services

Email Marketing Campaign Software Tools & Platforms enable you to easily build email marketing campaigns & design professional-looking email templates, and provide robust analytics about email marketing campaign performance. They enable you to optimize your email marketing strategy, reach out to your customers and start a conversation about your products & services. Here are the Top 10 Email Marketing Campaign Software Tools & Services to grow your business.


Best Email Marketing Campaign Software Tools & Services

Here are the top email marketing software tools & services listed in no particular order. We recommend that you try them all before you decide to purchase or license an email marketing tool. It’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all email campaign software. So you need to find a top email campaign service provider that fits your requirements.


1. Active Campaign

activecampaign email marketing service

Active Campaign is one of the best email marketing campaign software tool out there. It’s an easy-to-use, feature-rich and mature email marketing automation platform for small to medium businesses. It’s also one of the most affordable email marketing tools available today.

Active Campaign allows you to create email marketing campaigns using beautifully designed email marketing templates, email blast examples and responsive sign up forms. What makes it special is the fact that Active Campaign has an in-built CRM system to manage leads, and marketing automation tools to convert leads into customers.

Active Campaign enables you to even segment your email list and even personalize email messages by location, action, user behavior, and even social data. You can also create email marketing automation sequences that automatically send email to your customers based on specific conditions or triggers (e.g send activation mail on sign up, send review request email after purchasing a product, etc). It’s also got great email marketing software reviews.

Basically, it’s an all-in-one email campaign management software platform that provides tons of features at an affordable price. Pricing begins at just $9/month.


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2. MailChimp

mailchimp email campaign platform

MailChimp is the go-to email marketing software tool for most email marketers, primarily because they provide a free forever plan that allows you to send up to 25,000 email to 2000 subscribers every month.

MailChimp offers all the bells and whistles you expect in an email marketing service – well-designed email templates, autoresponder, email campaign analytics and a really easy-to-use interface. However, when you build email list using MailChimp, you’re subscribers are required to double opt-in to avoid spams.

MailChimp makes it super easy to build email marketing campaigns with a point-and-click campaign builder. You can easily Import & Export Email Lists. Secondly, MailChimp provides tons of third party integrations with platforms such as WordPress, InstaPage, LeadPages, Unbounce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and even Facebook.

Finally, MailChimp has an amazing blog that constantly publishes in-depth research articles to help you improve your email marketing campaign performance.


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3. GetResponse

getresponse email campaign service

GetResponse is another awesome Email Campaign Tool that is easy to use and affordable. In fact, GetResponse’s pricing stays affordable even as your email list grows.

GetResponse email campaign service provides more than 500 beautifully designed responsive email templates that enable even beginners to design great looking newsletters and autoresponders. You can even import & export email lists in minutes.

GetResponse also offers advanced email marketing features such as A/B Testing that allows you to split test email subject lines, message, email open rates and even send time of emails. It even provides many third-party integrations with platforms like SalesForce, WordPress, PayPal and Zendesk.

GetResponse also provides great support via Email, Chat, Phone and free library of tutorials, videos, guides and webinars. It provides a 30 day free trial with pricing starting from $15/month.


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4. AWeber

aweber email campaign software

AWeber is one of the oldest and most mature email marketing campaign management software tool. In spite of it, it’s very easy-to-use, cost effective and not too feature heavy.

To begin with, Aweber provides an impressive Email Marketing Campaign Analytics & Reporting that allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t. Their campaign creator wizard provides a step-by-step walk through of how to create an email marketing campaign for newsletters and sign up forms.

Advanced email marketers can also use their A/B testing feature that allows you split test various parts of your email marketing campaign. You can create variations of your email marketing campaign and send them to different segments of your email list.

Aweber also offers the usual email marketing features such as autoresponders, RSS-to-email, and many third-party integrations such as their WordPress plugin, that allows you to add a sign up form to your website or blog with just one-click. In fact, AWeber even allows you to build an email list without a website or blog.

AWeber Email Marketing Platform offers 30 day free trial and pricing starts from $19/month.


5. InfusionSoft

infusionsoft email marketing platform

InfusionSoft is, perhaps, the most expensive Email Marketing Campaign Management Tool in our list. It’s also one of the most feature-rich and robust sales & email marketing automation platform.

Why is InfusionSoft so expensive? There are many things that it can do that others don’t. InfusionSoft is a full fledged CRM system with marketing automation and Ecommerce tools. You can automate your sales and marketing processes based on custom behavior.

For example, you can create a virtual salesperson on InfusionSoft that automatically checks-in with your customers, every 2 weeks, based on what they have done or haven’t. If a person adds a product to their shopping cart but doesn’t checkout, it will trigger an automated email reminding them to complete their order. You can even send discount offers to customers on their birthdays, or create sales funnels to convert leads into paying customers.

No wonder their pricing starts at $199/month.


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6. ConvertKit

convertkit email campaign solution

ConvertKit is a new email campaign software platform designed for bloggers. With ConvertKit, you can easily build email list and promote your content. It also provides in-depth email campaign analytics reporting around your blog posts.

For example, it shows you number of new subscribers broken down by each blog post and traffic source. This helps you understand which blogs posts are doing well, and on which marketing channel.

In addition to providing the usual collection of web forms and email templates, ConvertKit offers special features to build email campaigns around web courses.

Create drip campaigns using simple “If this happens..then do that” kind of interface. ConvertKit offers tons of third-party integrations that are suitable for bloggers and information marketers, such as BookLaunch, and Gumroad. Pricing begins at $29/month.


7. ConstantContact

constant contact email campaign tool

ConstantContact is one of the fastest growing email marketing campaign tools. It’s easy-to-use and provides many features. Send email blasts, manage email lists, contacts, templates and email marketing campaigns in one place.

ConstantContact even provides email tracking and reporting to monitor email marketing campaign performance, find out the best time to send emails and increase email open rates. It also offers an extensive library of images to use in your emails, and 1GB storage for your own files.

For beginners, it’s always a challenge to create email newsletters and autoresponders, no matter which email campaign service they use. So ConstantContact offers each customer a marketing coach to help them get started with email marketing campaigns.

They even provide event registration tools, feedback and survey forms that you can add to your emails. Overall, it’s one of the best bulk email marketing software service for small businesses, that provides many useful features.

ConstantContact Email Marketing Service provides a 60 day free trial, and pricing starts at $20/month


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8. SendInBlue

sendinblue email campaign service

SendInBlue is a Transactional Email Service that also provides Email Marketing Services. They’re one of the best and most reliable transactional email service, with impressive email marketing and marketing automation tools.

If you’re looking for a single email tool that has capabilities of both transactional email and email marketing, then this is the email campaign tool you need. If you’re looking for just an email marketing tool, then this might not be the right fit.


9. Zoho Campaign

zoho campaign email marketing platform

Zoho Campaigns is another email marketing software that allows you to create email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns.

Zoho Campaigns is one of the best email campaign management tools with CRM and social media integration. You can not only build your email list, manage leads and convert them to paying customers but also reach out to them via social media platforms.

You can quickly build email marketing campaigns using professional-looking email templates. Zoho Campaigns also provides marketing automation tools to automate your email marketing with email workflows. It can send automated trigger-based emails such as follow-up emails based on user activity, as well as autoresponders.

You can also track email marketing campaign performance with their campaign tracking and reporting features. It provides a free plan that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers every month. Pricing begins for just $5/month.

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10. Campaign Monitor

campaignmonitor email marketing software

CampaignMonitor is a popular email marketing campaign software that allows you easily create email marketing campaigns for your business. It provides a drag & drop campaign builder that enables you to quickly create email marketing campaigns. You can also choose from a vast library of beautifully designed email templates in your email marketing campaigns.

CampaignMonitor allows you to segment your mailing list based on their behavior or actions, and create separate email marketing campaigns for each mail list segment. It also provides email tracking, A/B Testing and social sharing features. You can even create personalized emails using customer data in your emails.

With so many features, Campaign Monitor is one of the most affordable email marketing software platform, with prices starting at $9/month.


We hope our list of best email marketing platform services & tools acts as a good starting point. We suggest you try out each email marketing tool and see if it fits your requirements and budget, before deciding to use a tool. Also, test the robustness and reliability of your email marketing service provider to ensure that your marketing emails actually reach your subscribers. The Best Email Campaign Tools make it easy to build email list, create email campaigns and monitor their performance effortlessly. They also provide advanced marketing automation tools to send automatic triggered emails that drives more sales.

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Do you use any of the above email marketing software tools & services? Share your experience with us.


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