Best Long-Tail Keyword Tools & Software for SEO

In SEO, targeting Long-Tail Keywords is way more important than targeting short-tail or direct keywords. In fact, 70% of web traffic is driven by long-tail keywords. That’s where long-tail keyword tools come in. They help you do Long-Tail Keyword Research and attract quality leads to your website.  Targeting the right keywords drives highly targeted traffic and reduces bounce rate on your website and helps you build backlinks.

What are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are 3 to 4 keyword phrases that are very specific to your product or service. Not only do they bring bulk of your site traffic, they are also drive highly targeted audience who are most likely to buy your product or service. For example, keywords like “shoes” or “nike shoes” are short-tail or direct keywords. Whereas, “Blue Nike shoes” or “Blue Nike Suede Shoes” are long-tail keywords.


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Best Long-Tail Keyword Research Tools & Software for SEO

Here are the top software & tools for long-tail keyword research

1. Google Auto Complete & Related Searches

Google search provides 2 amazing free ways to find long tail keywords. The first one is using the Auto complete feature of Google Search. When you type into the Google Search box, you must have observed that Google automatically suggests 3-4 more options. Each suggestion is a long tail keyword.

google auto suggest long-tail keyword research software

Another way to do long-tail keyword research is to scroll to the bottom of your search results, and look for related searches. You’ll see links to a bunch of long-tail keywords.

related search long-tail keyword research service

Contrary to what you might expect, Google auto complete and Google related searches show different list of long-tail keywords. So you get more long-tail keywords if you use both of them.

However, neither of these tools provide search volume for long-tail keywords. For that, you need to copy paste these long-tail keywords into Google Keyword Planner or one of the top keyword research tools to get their search volume and competition information. Here’s how you can use google keyword planner to do keyword research.


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2. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is another fantastic free tool for long-tail keyword research. You type in the seed keyword and UberSuggest will generate a list of long-tail keyword ideas for you. That’s it!

ubersuggest long-tail keyword research product

However, just as Google auto complete & related searches, UberSuggest doesn’t provide search volume & competitor information. For that, you’ll need to copy paste these values into one of the long-tail keyword tools. You can easily copy & paste your keywords in a spreadsheet or download them as a CSV.


3. SEMRush

SEMRush is a great tool for keyword research. In fact, it is a complete feature-rich SEO suite that allows you to find short-tail and long-tail keywords for your business. You can even paste your URL (or even your competitor’s URL) and it will automatically tell you which keywords that URL is ranking for. This allows you to understand for which keywords a page is ranking for, as well as find out what keywords your competitors are targeting.

In addition to providing keyword suggestions, it also provides tons of useful information such as search volume, traffic trends, rank position, keyword competition and CPC information for each keyword.

sem long tail keyword research tool

SEMRush is so much more than a Keyword Research Tool. It’s also one of the best backlink checker tools available today.


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4. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is an amazing free long-tail keyword research tool like UberSuggest. You type in the keyword such as “Online Marketing” and it will show you the most common questions asked using this keyword such as “What is Online Marketing?”,”How to do online marketing?”. You can download the keywords as a visualization or a CSV.

answer the public long tail keyword research

You can use these long-tail keywords in your blogs, articles and landing pages. Since most long-tail keywords provided by it are complete statements, it’s a lot easier to use them, instead of guessing how to use a particular long-tail keyword in your post or copy.

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5. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is another paid keyword research software like SEMRush. As the name suggests, it’s focused more towards long-tail keyword research, although it does help with short-tail and direct keywords too. Since it is mostly used to find long-tail keywords, it is more popular among niche businesses and those businesses which are in a competitive market.

longtail pro keyword research tool

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6. WordTracker

Wordtracker is a popular Keyword Research Software and SEO Management Solution among small businesses.

WordTracker goes above and beyond simple keyword research. It provides a lot more useful information such as search volume, competition, keyword effectiveness index (KEI), keyword in anchor and text (IAAT).

It provides a 7 day free trial that includes :

  1. Ability to get up to 2000 keyword results
  2. Access to “related search” tools for more keyword suggestions
  3. Access to competitor information including KEI

WordTracker long tail keyword research tool


Long-Tail keywords are super important to drive high quality visitors to your website. Since these visitors are looking specific things using long-tail keywords (e.g Blue Suede Nike Shoes), they know what they’re looking for. So the key is to write content which is relevant to your long-tail keyword and useful to your visitors.

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If you want to suggest any software & tools to find long-tail keywords, please share them as comments.

Have you used any of these long-tail keyword tools before? Share your experience with us.