Best Free MailChimp Email Templates

MailChimp Email Templates make it insanely easy to create beautiful, professional-looking emails to inform and engage your audience. In fact, did you know that MailChimp even provides robust email marketing analytics and reporting for each template, that enables you to track & improve email campaign performance quickly?

MailChimp is an amazing Email Marketing Software that allows you to easily create email marketing campaigns, build subscriber list, and send email blast to your subscribers. One of the best features of MailChimp email marketing platform is the ability to import custom mailchimp templates into its email template builder and customize it according to our requirements. Here are the best free MailChimp email templates that you can use in your email marketing campaigns to grow your email list and get more click-throughs.


Before we explore our list of free MailChimp email templates, I’d like to point out that MailChimp already provides a library of free official email templates that can you can use in your email template builder. MailChimp’s directory of email templates provides a list of professional-looking responsive email templates that you can easily customize in MailChimp template builder. You can use them to create newsletters, promotions, and more, by adding text, images and even videos, using a drag & drop interface.

official mailchimp email templates


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Best Free MailChimp Email Templates

Here are the best free Mailchimp email templates that are well-designed, responsive and versatile enough to be used for various purposes such as newsletters, marketing emails, and more.


1. Monthy Contest

monthly contest free mailchimp email template

Monthly Contest Email Templates is an amazing set of free Mailchimp email templates for websites and online business that use social media marketing to attract and engage users. It’s a 2-part template that enables you to send important announcements and news to your email subscribers, as well as encourage them to participate in various contests. You can easily import this email templates into MailChimp email marketing solution and edit its colors and formatting with just a few clicks. MailChimp also adds social sharing buttons, and links to social media profiles that makes it easy for subscribers to share latest updates with their friends.


2. Cutout

cutout free email template for mailchimp

Ecommerce businesses heavily use email marketing to announce new products, make promotions and offer discounts. So it makes sense to use a good-looking email template to engage with your customers and grow your business. Cutout is an awesome free MailChimp email template for Ecommerce that enables you to send attractive marketing emails to your customers about latest offers & promotions, and redeem them directly from email.


3. Shopping Bag

shopping bag from email template for ecommerce

Shopping Bag is another amazing free email template for MailChimp, that makes it super easy to create awesome Ecommerce marketing emails about holiday offers, promotions and discounts. Shopping bag offers a lot of customization options to design email templates that suite your business needs. You can add a custom icon in the header section of email template, and provide announcement text about the latest offers and products. You can also use the email templates footer to provide more information such as new products, and special promotional offers. It also supports tons of MailChimp’s internal widgets that you can use to build well-designed and engaging newsletter emails for your ecommerce business.


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5. Invitation

invitation email template for mailchimp

If you’re promoting an event, then Invitation is the perfect free MailChimp Email template to drive more attendees. It allows you to quickly create and send out an invitation email to your customers and newsletter subscribers. You can simply upload an attractive high resolution image about your event, write a quick announcement about the event, and add call-to-action button for registration, with just a few clicks.


6. Color Tab

color tab free mailchimp email template

Color Tab is another awesome free MailChimp email template for bloggers, content marketers and writers to create amazing and unique newsletters for their long-form content. You can use the main area of your email template to show a featured image and the first few paragraphs of your latest article, and the bottom section can be used to provide additional links to related articles. It’s commonly used by journalists & bloggers to send newsletter updates about their latest articles.


7. Minimal

minimal free email template for mailchimp

Minimal is another great email template theme from MailChimp’s very own email template directory. As the name suggests, it provides a minimally designed email template that allows you to create highly customized marketing emails and newsletters to inform email subscribers and customers about the latest blog articles, new product additions, special offers and promotions, and even provide discounts. Since it is minimal in design, you can easily change the colors and formatting to suite your requirements. It’s great to create clutter-free emails without images & videos, focusing on quality writing. It also provides an engaging way to transition users from email to your blog without losing attention.


8. Green Village

green village free email template

Green Village is a great third party, free MailChimp email template that you can easily import into MailChimp email marketing campaign editor and customize according to your requirements. Green Village is a professional looking, well-designed email template that allows you to add big header images, and include quotes. You can add from a wide selection of textbox widgets that also include images, and customize the professional looking footer at the bottom to show your business contact information such as address, and social media icons to easily share your updates. Its soothing color scheme makes this one of the most suitable email templates for healthcare-related newsletters and for anyone who wants to send information about fitness, healthy living and environment.


9. Email on Acid

email on acid free responsive html email templates

Email on Acid is an amazing set of free email templates that you can easily customize to create newsletters and marketing emails for your business, which can be imported into any email marketing platform, not just MailChimp. Email on Acid provides an awesome suite of responsive email templates that have been carefully designed to work on most mobile and tablet devices. What’s great about it is the fact that they provide tons of tips & tricks to increase open rates and clicks with their email templates. They also provide many case studies and whitepapers about how other businesses use Email on Acid for their email marketing campaigns. All you need to do is provide your email address to download their free email templates.


10. Responsive Email Templates

free responsive email templates for mailchimp

Responsive Email Templates a great set of free responsive MailChimp email templates by Derek Punsalan, that you can use to create any email marketing campaign – whether it is a newsletter, marketing promotion, offer, discount, or new products, or even company announcements. Responsive Email works great on mobile devices, while it also works on desktop email clients and web browsers. There’s a lot of space to add images and text to attract and engage readers, and a large CTA button that you can use to drive more clicks. You can simply download this Mailchimp email template from github, and import it into MailChimp in minutes. Advanced users can also customize its HTML code according to their requirements.


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There are plenty of free MailChimp email templates that you can use to jump-start your email marketing campaign, and customize your emails as you need it. It’s hard to build a well-designed, professional-looking and responsive email template from scratch. So don’t waste your time building email templates. Just pick a free email template you like, import it into MailChimp email marketing platform and customize it as per your requirements.


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