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Why use Fedingo?

Fedingo is an Adwords reporting tool that helps Online Marketers & Digital Agencies to easily create Adwords dashboards for their clients. Our dashboards show live data and auto-refresh. You can track important KPIs and metrics across multiple Adwords campaigns, channels and accounts from one place. Once setup, Fedingo can auto-generate Adwords dashboards, auto-refresh them with latest data, and even automatically email them to your clients. Export dashboards and reports in multiple formats.

Create Adwords Dashboards in minutes

Create Adwords dashboards with just a few clicks, using pre-built report templates & widgets. Our reporting tool allows marketers to build dashboards in minutes, without any technical knowledge. Customize every aspect of your Adwords dashboard as per your client requirements and impress them easily.

Best Adwords dashboard for clients, agencies

Live dashboards with Auto-refresh

Dashboards always show live data and auto-refresh to show latest information. Monitor Adwords KPIs and metrics regularly. Understand what is happening with your clients' campaigns & websites.

live Adwords dashboard with auto-refresh

Report Multiple Adwords Campaigns & Accounts from one place

Track Adwords Metrics & KPIs across multiple Adwords accounts, channels & campaigns from a single Adwords dashboard.

Monitor Adwords campaigns, channels, accounts

Automate Adwords Reporting

Fedingo can automatically run your Adwords dashboards, and email them to your clients. Its auto-refresh feature automatically updates dashboards with latest information. No need to manually generate or update reports every week/month.

Automate Adwords report generation and distribution

Schedule Email Reports

Easily schedule daily/weekly/monthly Adwords reports to be emailed to your clients.

Schedule email reports and dashboards.

White Label Adwords dashboards

Customize your Adwords Dashboards to use logos, branding, colors, fonts, visualizations, and other reporting elements as per your client's campaign goals & business requirements. Generate white-labeled Adwords dashboards that fully satisfy your client's needs.

white label Adwords reports & dashboards

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