6 Best Welcome Email Templates to Grow Your Business

Welcome Email Templates enable you to quickly create impressive emails to welcome new subscribers, prospects & customers to your business. Welcome Emails are one of the most important aspects of Email Marketing. An amazing Welcome Mail enables you to create a great first impression about your business, and nurture leads to become customers. Here are 6 Best Welcome Email Templates you can use to create a lasting first impression about your business, start a conversation with your leads and even build a healthy relationship after they become customers.

Before we look at the welcome email examples, it’s important to determine the right tone for your email message. You’ll need to change your tone depending on the target audience of your welcome emails. For example, if you’re marketing to millennials, you’ll need to use a casual & friendly tone. On the other hand, if your target audience is senior management of companies (e.g CEO, VP, etc), then you need to be formal and to-the-point.

The email tone is reflected in every part of you email, starting from your email subject line to the way you sign off. This will determine if your welcome email is opened or not. Using the right tone can greatly increase the Email Open Rates for your business.


Best Welcome Email Templates for your Business

Here I have provided 6 welcome email templates for 3 common user actions in businesses (2 welcome mail examples for each action) :

  1. When a person subscribes to your blog/newsletter
  2. When a person signs up for free trial of your product or service
  3. When a person purchases your product or service


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Let’s look at each welcome email example in detail

1. People subscribe to your blog/newsletter

These are people who’ve subscribed to your blog newsletter. They may have discovered your blog on Google, or Social Media platforms like Facebook, or one of their friends may have recommended it to them. Either way, they like your content and would like to get the latest updates from your blog. So you need to send them a “Thank your for subscribing” email example.

Here are 2 welcome email templates with 2 different tones, one friendly and one formal.


Friendly Welcome Email Template

Subject line: Welcome to [your blog name] community!

Hey [subscriber name if available],

Thank You for subscribing to the [your company name] newsletter. I’d like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of our community. 

At [your company name] blog, we work hard to write articles that provide actionable tips to that will help our readers grow their business. If you’d like to read about any specific topic, let us know and we’ll be happy write about it for you. 

I’d love to hear about what you like about our blog and what you’re interested in reading about.

Please feel free to reach out to me at [your email].

Again, thanks & welcome!


[Your name]


What’s effective about this welcome email template:

  1. It establishes a personal connection using first name of subscriber and words like ‘I’, ‘you’.
  2. Clearly tells the subscriber what they can expect in your newsletter
  3. Welcomes them to a community, not just a blog. This shows that your blog has many subscribers and it is not a new blog.
  4. Shows that you care about readers by asking them to provide specific topics that they’d like to read about, and promising to write more articles about them.


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Professional Welcome Email

Here’s a professional welcome email example for blog newsletter subscription

Subject line: Welcome to [name of your blog] Blog

Hello [Name of subscriber],

Thank you for subscribing to [name of your blog] blog.

Every [week/day/how often you’ll send] you’ll receive only the best insights, news & trends from [name of your industry] industry, written by industry experts, leading authors and business professionals with over [number of years] of experience.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply to this email and we’ll respond promptly.


[Your name]


What this welcome email sample does:

  1. Let them know they made the right choice by subscribing to your blog ( only the best insights, news and trends)
  2. Establish credibility as a thought leader and industry authority by saying that you only publish articles by leading authors, industry experts and business professionals.
  3. Be available so they can reach you.


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2. People Sign up for Free Trial

These are people who have signed up for your product or service after doing a bit of research. They may have found your landing page on Google, checked out your product features & pricing and decided to sign up for a free trial. Or they may have read some of your articles and found that your product actually solves a problem they’re facing. So your welcome email needs to basically tell them how they can get started with your product or service, and how to contact you in case they have any questions, or face any problem.

Friendly Welcome Email Template

Here’s a welcome aboard email template if you have a B2C product or service

Subject line: Do you need help with [product name]?

Hi [user’s name],

I’m [your name], founder of [product name]. Thank you for signing up for our Free Trial. 

I just wanted to check in to see if you need any help with [product name]

Here’s a list of resources to help you get started:

  • [First resource topic] Ex.) Creating your first campaign
  • [Second resource topic] Ex.) Collecting your leads list
  • [Third resource topic] Ex.) Setting up email automation

If you need further information, you can find them at [name of your company] portal.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear about it.


[your name]

What makes this welcome email example effective:

  1. It’s from the founder, asking if they need help. People love getting welcome email from company founders, instead of a customer support executive. It shows that you care about them.
  2. It provides direct links to most common starting troubles faced by your customers, and also tells them what to do in case they need more information.
  3. Lets them know how to reach you, in case they have questions
  4. Asks them for feedback. It shows you’re genuinely working to improve your product or service.


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Professional welcome email template

Here’s a welcome aboard email example if you have B2B product or service.

Subject line: Thank you for starting your free trial

Hello [name of person],

I’m [your name], founder of [product name]. I’d like to Thank you for your interest in [your product]. I wanted to reach out to you to see if you need any help getting started, or have any questions that I can help with.

Here are some of the things you can do with [your product]

  • Main Benefit 1
  • Main Benefit 2
  • Main Benefit 3

Here are some resources to get you started: [First resource topic] Ex.) Creating your first campaign [Second resource topic] Ex.) Collecting your leads list [Third resource topic] Ex.) Setting up email automation

If you have any questions, or face any problems, you can reply to this email or reach us at [business phone number]. Our support team is available to help you [working hours of your support team]. 


[Your name]

Here’s why this welcome email template is so effective

  1. Establishes credibility by sending a mail from a founder. Always introduce yourself and mention your position in B2B emails. B2B customers like to generally deal with senior management of a company.
  2. Pitches your product by providing 3 key benefits
  3. Provides resources to get started
  4. Lets them know how to reach you. Provides multiple modes of contact – email & phone. It also provides working hours which shows that you’re a proper trustworthy business.


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3. People Purchases your Product or Service

In this case, your welcome email sample needs to let them know that they made the right decision and that they can rely on your business for quality customer support. Here are welcome email templates for new customer.


Friendly Welcome Email Template

Here’s a welcome email template for new user.

Subject: Welcome! Let’s Get Started

Hi [person’s name],

Thank you for purchasing [product name]. We’re excited to have you as a part of our community.

I’d like to let you know that [name of support person] is here to help you [working hours]. You can email us any time and we’ll respond within [number of hours/days to respond] hours/days.

Hope you have a great time using [product name]


[Your name]

Why this welcome email template is effective

  1. Thanks them for their business and acknowledges that they’re a valued customer
  2. Introduces to a support team member who will help the customer on an ongoing basis.
  3. They’re excited to use your product. Your email shows that you’re also excited to serve them
  4. Establishes credibility & trust by saying that you’ll respond within a fixed number of days (turnaround time)


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Professional Welcome Email Template

Here’s a welcome email template for new client.

Subject line: Thank you for purchasing [product name]


Thank you for purchasing [product name]. You’re joining over [number of customers] of customers all over [your country/the world] who use [product name] every day to grow their business

I’d like to introduce you to [name of support person] who’ll assist you going forward. [She/he] has years of experience in helping businesses grow with [product name].

If you have any questions or face problems, you can reach out to our support team during [hours of operation] at [business phone number]. You can email us any time and we’ll respond within [number of hours/days to respond] hours/days.


[Your name]

Why this welcome email template works

  1. It Thanks them for purchasing your product and lets them know they are part of an elite group of users who benefit from your product.
  2. Introduces them to a support team member with years of experience and who’ll be able to answer all their questions.
  3. Let’s them know how to reach your company in case they have questions, or face issues.
  4. Establishes credibility by providing turnaround time to answer questions and resolve issues.


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Using the right welcome email templates with the right tone, at the right stage of customer journey will enable you to start a conversation, engage them as they move along the funnel, and build a relationship even after they become a customer –  whether it is a “thank you for subscribing” email for blog, welcome aboard email example for sign ups, or a welcome email example for new customers.

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Do you send welcome email to subscribers & customers? What do you do to make them feel welcome, and let them know that they’re special?