5 Facebook Advertising Tips to Boost Facebook Marketing for Your Business

Facebook Advertising Tips enable you to quickly optimize your Facebook Marketing strategy, reach a wider audience and engage them more effectively. Although Facebook Advertising is an amazing Marketing Platform for Businesses to build their brand, grow audience and drive revenues, like any online advertising platform, if you don’t use Facebook Advertising properly, you’ll end up wasting money and time. Here are 5 Facebook Advertising Tips & Tricks for 2017 to help you succeed in Facebook Marketing for your Business.


Facebook Advertising tips to Optimize Facebook Marketing

Here are 5 Facebook Advertising Tips and strategies to get the most of your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

1. Leverage Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook’s Audience Insights is a powerful customer analytics tool that provides valuable demographic and behavioral data that you can use to identify your target audience, based on your Facebook Page visitors and their actions such as clicks, shares, and likes. It will help you understand who you should target with your Facebook Ads, and how your audience will respond to them.

It allows you to easily find out which users will likely click-through your Ads and what type of call-to-actions work the best. This will save you a lot of time & money, optimize your Facebook Ads for your target audience. Facebook Audience Insights minimizes the guesswork and allows you to create Facebook Advertising Campaigns that provide High Return On Investment (ROIs). Use Facebook Audience Insights to optimize your overall Facebook Marketing Strategy.

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2. Tailor Your Facebook Ads for Target Audience

Facebook Advertising provides tons of Audience Targeting options that make it easy to define unique Target Audiences for your products & services. It even allows you to create separate Ads for different audiences. That is, you can create 2 different ads and deliver them to 2 completely different audiences. You  can even create just one Facebook Ad and deliver it to different audiences. They key is to create Facebook Ads with the best Audience Targeting possible.

For example, let’s say you’re an online retailer who wants to promote a set of High-Quality Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives on Facebook. Instead of displaying the same Facebook Ad to all your Target Customers, you can create separate ads for each target user group. The first Ad could target stay-at-home mom’s who are looking for good quality kitchen knives online, and show how they can use it at home every day. The second Ad could be targeted at Professional Chefs, showing how your product can handle the heavy usage at restaurants.

Although you’re promoting the same product, Facebook Advertising allows you to tailor your ads to better engage target customers and drive click-throughs. It’s a useful Facebook Advertising Tip for Small Businesses who may not have large Ad Budgets to target bigger audience. Segment your target audience and create customized Ads for each segment.


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3. Direct Ad-clicks to Landing Pages

Avoid sending visitors who click your Ads directly to your website or product page, unless they go through a landing page first. Landing Pages enable you to educate visitors about your business, products & services before you ask them to buy.

Sending visitors directly to product page doesn’t provide a background about your business or clear direction about what they need to do. A website home page is a general page that gives an overview of your business, product & services. It may not be specific enough to suite your various Facebook Ads.

You can create separate landing pages for each Ad, and customize it’s content for your target audience. For example, if you create separate Facebook Ads (as mentioned above in tip #2) – for stay-at-home moms and professional chefs, you can create separate landing pages for each target audience group. One which as images of a stay-at-home mom using your product and lists benefits of using your product at home, the other with the images of professional chefs using it in their restaurant kitchens.


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4. Use attractive images in your Facebook Ad

One of the easiest Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies is to use engaging images (or videos) in your Ad.

Facebook has evolved from a text only social media platform to an Image-based social network. Just look at the amount of screen real estate Images occupy on your News Feed. In fact, if you upload multiple images, Facebook creates a neat gallery or a carousel for you. There’s no doubt images get special treatment from Facebook. In fact, each Facebook Ad requires you to include at least one image or a video. Even when you include an image, Facebook recommends to use images with not more than 20% text on them.

Images speak louder than words and are more likely to be shared. According to Wishpond, it’s been found that 53% of image posts get more likes and 84% get more shares. So use attractive images in your Ads that show lifestyle images of people using your product or service, instead of wasting space on logos and screenshots.

Also, ensure your images adhere to Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes to avoid blurry or cropped images.


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5. Create a Bid Strategy & Budget

Before you dive into Facebook Advertising, clearly establish your total advertising budget, how much ROI you hope to achieve, and what advertising strategy you’ll use to allocate your budget. Otherwise, you may end up wasting money or overspending on your Facebook Ads

Facebook provides multiple options to control your Advertising budget:

  1. Daily Budget : It’s the Daily maximum spend limit for your Facebook Ad. Your ad runs until your maximum budget is exhausted, for a specified number of days.
  2. Lifetime Budget : It’s the total Maximum amount you’d like to spend on your Facebook Ad. Your Ad runs till your budget is exhausted, or the end date is reached.

Here’s an important Facebook Advertising Tip for Small Businesses. Facebook Advertising Platform provides a tool called Optimized CPM, that allows you to give Facebook the permission to bid for your Ads based on your Ad Objectives and Budget Limits. This enables you to optimize your Facebook Ad Spend and get maximum ROI from your Ads.

Until you get an idea of how much Facebook Advertising costs, and learn how to bid for Facebook Ads and allocate Ad Budget effectively, it’s better to let Facebook take care of this part of your Advertising Campaign.


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Facebook Advertising Platform provides many useful features to identify your target audience, create customized ads for each target audience group, design beautiful and engaging Ads using text, images & videos and even control your Facebook Advertising budget. It empowers you to create a highly customized Facebook Marketing Strategy and easily optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns. The key is to start small – target a niche – test your Ads and measure the performance before targeting larger audience.

Hopefully, these Facebook Advertising Tips & Tricks  for 2017 help you create the Best Facebook Ads. Facebook updates its Advertising Platform periodically, so ensure you stay on top of the latest updates.

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Do you have any Facebook Advertising Tips & Best Practices? Please share your experience, and any Facebook marketing tips with us as comments.