5 Best Sales Email Templates to Get More Responses

Sales Email Templates make it easy to quickly compose sales emails for a variety of purposes – whether it is to nurture leads, build client relationship, pitch your product or simply provide value. One of the biggest problems that salespeople face is that their sales prospecting emails simply don’t elicit a response. Here are 5 Sales Email Templates you can use to get more responses and build relationships with prospective clients.


5 Best Sales Email Templates that get response

Here are 5 introduction sales email examples that get responses from your prospects.


1. Send congratulatory emails

Today it’s easier than ever to keep a tab on what your prospects are up to. Check out their website, search them  on google, or even set up google alerts. You can also follow their social media profiles on Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter to stay up-to-date about their latest announcements. Did they reach a sales milestone? Did they launch a new product? Did they get funded? The trick is to keep track of the latest happenings about your prospects and reach out to them at the right time.

Let’s say one of your prospects won a fresh round of funding. Here’s how you can send a congratulatory email

Hey [prospect’s name],

I just wanted to congratulate you on your latest round of funding.

I know your is work is having a tremendous impact on the [prospect’s industry] and helping tons of customers [problems solved by prospect’s product or service]

Looking forward to the next big step from your company.


[Your name]


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2. Provide value for free

One of the best ways to build customer relationships is to provide some value for free, up front. It shows that you have relevant expertise in customer’s business domain and are genuinely interested in helping them. Just ensure that you’re not overly critical in your email.

Hi [Prospect’s name],

I just came across your website and I must say that I love your site design. It’s visually compelling and your content clearly sends the right message. I’ve sent it to some of my contacts who’re looking for a service like yours.

I couldn’t help but a notice an SEO mistake on your site that’s quite easy to fix, and will surely boost your search engine rankings. If you’re interested, I can quickly send you a write up that you can share with your team? I can also give you a call, if you want.


[Your name]


You can also partner with one of the freemium software in your industry and recommend it to your prospects. They’ll surely appreciate your help. For example, if your prospects are accountants, you can partner with Expensify to recommend their free expense report tools.


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3. Simply be helpful – no strings attached

The most important aspect of emailing your prospect is to elicit a response, start the conversation. That’s the toughest part. Once you get a foot in the door, you can build a relationship. So you can simply offer help that may not even be related to your business. Here’s an example

Hi [prospect’s name]

Congratulations on opening your new restaurant in [your town’s name]. My family and I had a wonderful dinner there last night. At first glance, we thought it was closed as the light in front of your restaurant was a little dim. I’m no expert at this, but I know a good sign guy. Do you want me to introduce you to him?


[your name]


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4. Send them a compliment

Another easy & effective way to get the attention of your prospects is to compliment them. After all, people love getting emails from their fans. Here’s an example

Hi [prospect’s name],

I’m a huge fan of your blog and love the humorous yet insightful articles you publish so consistently. In fact, I liked your article about 3 sales email templates so much that I even forwarded it to some of my clients, and guess what. Using your email templates, one of my clients was able to reach their prospects they’ve been trying to connect with, for the past one year.

Would like to know how they did it?


[your name]


5. Mail your prospect’s customers

Talk to your prospects’ customers & partners to know more about them. You can find them on your prospects’ case study page or their online reviews. Then mail your prospects about it.

Hi [prospect’s name],

I’ve heard wonderful things about your business from 2 of your customers – [company #1] & [company #2]. Your [product name] has helped them [problems solved by your prospect’s product].

I’d like to learn how your team helps people grow their business so well.


[your name]


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Best Practices & Tips to Write Sales Emails that work

Here are some tips & best practices to write sales emails that get responses

  1. Start your email message with something about them, not you. Use a lot of ‘you’ in your email instead of ‘I’ & ‘We’
  2. Don’t pitch your product or value proposition initially. Do it only after you’ve built their trust and when their needs aligns with what you’re offering.
  3. Don’t try to schedule a call in your first email. Only prospects who are actively looking for your product, will respond to it
  4. Feel free to ask open-ended questions. People have become fed up of emails with call-to-actions. You’ll be surprised to get responses for emails that simply ask a genuine question about your prospect’s business or problem they’re facing.
  5. The most important objective of your first sales email, is to just get a response. Once you start a conversation, you can slowly start nurturing them to buy your product or service.
  6. If you’re asking/requesting something from your prospect, keep it so simple that they’ll happily oblige.
  7. Keep your emails short – 3-to 7 sentences at the most. No one has time to read long emails, especially from people they don’t know yet.
  8. Track the email open rates and click-through rates using an email marketing software to understand what kind of emails resonate with your prospects and increase email open rates quickly.



Sales Email Templates make it super easy to quickly create engaging emails and convert leads into customers. Hopefully, the above introduction sales email template examples help you get more leads for your business. The key is to research your prospects, and find out how you can be helpful, even it is not related to your expertise, at the moment. If you send the right message to the right prospect they’ll appreciate your presence and acknowledge your interest. It will open the doors to start a conversation, build a relationship and nurture them to do business with you. Remember, every prospect faces many different problems in their business. The trick is to help your prospects solve problems, and add value.


What tips & trick do you use to get more responses from your sales emails?