5 Best PPC Software for PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and drive high quality relevant traffic to your website. PPC marketing allows you to bid for keywords and pay for clicks. However, it can be tedious to manually manage PPC Advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. PPC Management Software make it easy to manage PPC advertising campaigns for your business – easily bid for relevant keywords on search engines & related websites, monitor your ad campaign performance to optimize your PPC Advertising strategy. Here are 5 Best PPC Software that you can use to manage PPC Advertising campaigns for your business.


5 Best PPC Software for PPC Advertising


1. SearchForce

SearchForce is an amazing PPC Management Software for agencies and organizations, that enables you to easily manage your PPC campaigns with just a few clicks. It’s a paid search and social media ad management platform that allows you to build & manage Ad campaigns across multiple platforms. With their auto campaign builder, advertisers can create highly customized ad campaigns using pre-configured campaign templates, set budgets, define ad targeting, and even automate target keywords. You can even optimize bids based on seasonality, device (desktop vs mobile), audience segments and time of days. SearchForce makes it super easy to reduce your time and money involved in managing PPC Advertising. It also provides robust analytics and reporting for your PPC campaigns that allows you to generate tactical, management as well as client reports in minutes.

searchforce ppc software


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2. ClickSweeper

ClickSweeper is another awesome PPC Software that provides automated keyword bid optimization, campaign management, ad management and in-depth reporting. It provides a variety of solutions – software service, managed services and agency solutions – suitable for every kind of organization. It offers tons of features, some of which are:

  1. Keyword performance tracking using CPA and web analytics data
  2. Ad Campaign Bidding
  3. Tools to create, edit and copy Ad campaigns
  4. Set alerts to monitor campaigns performance and trends
  5. Generate summary as well as detailed reports
  6. Keyword matching optimization

clicksweeper ppc management software


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3. Acquisio

Acquisio is one of the earliest PPC Management Software available, with mature features. It even has advanced machine learning features to help you optimize and scale local marketing. Acquisio provides tons of interesting PPC management features that enable you to create interactive ad campaigns, monitor and track search campaigns across multiple platforms from one integrated web-based solution.

Acquisio is a sophisticated PPC software that provides many features to support every aspect of your PPC Ad campaigns. For example, it supports cross-publisher tracking, bid management, budget optimization, report generation and campaign automation. Acquisio reduces the time & budget required to build and manage cross-platform ad campaigns, and empowers marketing departments to focus their resources on other marketing initiatives. It provides insightful ad campaign performance reports that enable advertisers to target their audience better and drive more revenues for their business.

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4. Adobe Adlens

Adobe Adlens is a feature-rich PPC Management Platform for keyword bidding & forecasting. It’s a programmatic ad buying and management platform that enables you to forecast the best combination of search, social and display ads based on your budget to help you get maximum ROI on your PPC Ad Campaigns. It predicts how your ad campaigns will generate revenue based on your target keywords, so you can create more effective ad strategies. These predictions are based on current market data, that is regularly updated to give you latest insights.

Adobe Adlens is meant for large businesses and enterprises who have a bigger campaign budget. Its pricing starts at $800/month and varies based on your target keywords, company size, and some other factors. Adobe Adlens enables you to reach tens of thousands of people across search, social and other display ad platforms using just one software. If your company has the marketing budget, and are looking for one of the best keyword-based PPC management platforms, then Adobe Adlens is definitely the way to go. Here’s a quick overview of what you can do with Adobe Adlens.




5. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an amazing free PPC management tool by Google that allows you to easily create and manage Google Adwords Campaigns, that is, the PPC Advertising campaigns on Google’s Adwords platform. It allows you to search highly relevant and profitable keywords for your business, products and services, and provides historical search volume, keyword competitions, keyword suggestions, and also forecasts how your target keywords will perform in your Ad campaigns. This enables Google Adwords users to create highly targeted and relevant search ads that drive more clicks and conversions.

It’s a great tool for small and medium businesses who don’t have the resources, budget and expertise to create or manage large scale PPC advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. If you’re a large business or a company looking for a sophisticated PPC management platform, then you should look at the above solutions.

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The most effective way to optimize your PPC Campaigns is to create highly relevant ads that drive more website visitors and boost revenues. The key is to focus on quality over quantity. If you try to create tons of different ad campaigns targeting various keywords and search phrases, you’ll lose both time and money. It’s also non-productive to do all the PPC campaign work manually. So evaluate each PPC software to see which one fits your campaign requirements and budget. If you find that a solution is costly, you can always reach out to them. Most of these PPC solutions will work with you to create custom plans that fit your requirements and budget.


Which is your favorite PPC Management Software?