5 Best Facebook Advertising Strategies to Grow Your Business

Learning new Facebook Advertising Strategies enables you to know about new tips & tricks that you can use to improve your own Facebook Marketing Campaigns. Here are the 5 Best Facebook Advertising Strategies you can use to target audience on Facebook Ads, engage them better and drive more revenues for your business.


5 Best Facebook Advertising Strategies to Grow Your Business


1. Target Facebook Users based on their Recent Purchasing Behavior

Yes, you heard it right. Over the years, Facebook has gathered so much information about its users that it can easily help you target them based on their behavior. What topics do they like? Whom do they follow? What do they read? Which songs do they like? The list of things Facebook know about its users goes on and on.

By partnering with companies with consumer database companies Epsilon, & Acxiom, Facebook has been able to match information about various shopping loyalty programs to users’ individual profiles and understand their purchasing behavior. So now Facebook Advertisers can target customer segments based on their purchasing behavior.

Facebook Advertising allows you to choose from thousands of target audience segments based on type of behavior. To begin with, purchasing behavior consists of various subcategories such as buyer profiles, food & drink, clothing, health & beauty, and more. Within each sub category, you can target audience based on their type of behavior such as fashionistas, DIYers, foodies, etc.

Based on what you select, Facebook shows an estimated number of target users whose offline purchasing behavior matches your selection criteria. Here’s an example of how you can target users who have recently bought a business marketing service.

facebook ad targeting purchasing behavior

There are tons of targeting options, that you should definitely explore.


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2. Target users based on Life Events

There are so many important life events that we share with our friends and family, as well as post it on our Facebook Timeline – got a new job, getting married, lost a loved one. Each life event can use a help from certain businesses. For example, if you’ve bought a new apartment, you can use a moving service. If you lost a loved one, you could use a funeral home’s service. If you’re about to get married, you’d definitely need a wedding photographer.

Since people post these life events on their timeline, Facebook Advertising allows you to target users based on the life events, using its event targeting option. You can even target people after a certain period of live event. For example, a jewelry company can target users who are completing 3 months, 6 months, and even 1 year after their engagement.

facebook advertising targeting life events

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3. Build Custom Facebook Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences allow you to get in front of your existing contacts (such as customers & prospective clients) on Facebook. It allows Facebook Advertisers to build brand loyalty and improve customer relationships. For example, you can promote a special discount targeting your loyal customers.

On the other hand, you can also create a custom audience that you’d like to exclude from your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. For example, if you’re offering a free trial, you can exclude our existing customer list to increase the efficiency of your Facebook Advertising campaigns and improve click-through rates.

You can create Facebook Custom Audiences by simply uploading a list of customer phone numbers or emails in a text or csv file, to Facebook. You can also create custom audience based on who visited your website (or certain pages on your website), or performed a specific action on your website or app.

facebook advertising targeting custom audience

You can then target or exclude the entire list, or only a subset based on other targeting options provided by Facebook Advertising – based on their location, demographic, interests, or something else. For example, you can target your existing customers living in San Francisco, working in Tech Industry, who make more than a certain salary every year, whom you have identified as high-value customers for your up-selling offers.

You can also target Facebook users who visited your website but did not buy your product. Facebook Remarketing Ads allow you to retarget such customers when they’re on Facebook ,with offers and demos. You can also read how Facebook Dynamic Ads can help you retarget customers effectively by creating dynamic single-product or multi-product ads that are highly relevant to your target audience.


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4. Target LookAlike Audience

Once you’ve created a Facebook Custom Audience, you can use it to find and target similar Facebook users (Lookalike Audiences). Even if you don’t have their phone numbers or emails, you can use your existing Custom Audience and ask Facebook Advertising to target users who have similar attributes such as background, interests and behavior. Lookalike Audience is a great targeting option that allows you to target more Facebook users outside your current reach, without having their contact information with you.

facebook advertising lookalike audience

Once you’ve figured out which custom audience you want to replicate, you can even increase (less similar) or decrease (more similar) the size of lookalike audience. If you choose to create a lookalike audience that is most similar to your custom audience, then Facebook will show your Adverts to the top 1% people who have similar traits, in your target country. On the other hand, if you decide to maximize the size of your lookalike audience, Facebook will display your Ads to the top 10% of users in your target country, with similar traits to your target audience.


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5. Use Layered Targeting Options

One of the most powerful features of Facebook Ad Targeting is the ability to add layers of targeting options on top of each other, to make your target audience more specific.

Using a combination of user demographics, behavior and geographic data, you can precisely define your target audience, even down to just one person.

facebook ad layered targeting options

For example, a moving company in San Francisco promoting a special senior citizen discount, can easily target users who have bought an apartment this month in San Francisco, and add another targeting layer based on the age range of 60 years or more.

Imagine the impact of your Facebook Ad, when it is shown to the right person, who is actually looking for a solution like yours.

You don’t need to stick to one Facebook Ad Strategy. You can always combine these Facebook Advertising Strategies to target your various customer segments.


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Hopefully, these Facebook Advertising Strategies will help you target your audience better and create more impact with your Facebook ads. In fact, I’m amazed at the sheer number of Facebook Ad targeting strategies available to reach your audience. However, the key is to understand your target customers and build customer personas – who are they? where they live? what they do at work? what they do after work? what are their habits and behaviors? Once you have a clear idea about your target customer, you can easily use one of the many ad targeting options offered by Facebook Advertising Platform to reach the right audience with the right message, at the right time. Hopefully, these Facebook Ad targeting tips will enable you to precisely target the right audience on Facebook Ads, and increase the impact of Facebook Advertising Campaigns.


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What Facebook Advertising Strategy do you use to grow your business?