3 Best Adwords Reports to Optimize PPC Marketing

Google Adwords Reports are great tools to monitor the key performance indicators & metrics about your Ad Campaigns so you can quickly improve campaign performance.

Google Adwords is a great Advertising Platform that allows you to create highly targeted Google Ad campaigns, and analyze your campaign performance. However, Google Adwords tends to provide tons of adwords reports, data points and metrics which can be a little overwhelming and make you lose focus on what’s important. You may get lost in all the data deluge and find it difficult to figure out what’s working and what isn’t, where you’re losing money, and where to spend more. Here are 3 Google Adwords Reports that make it easy to keep track of all the important Google Adwords metrics & KPIs that can help you improve your Adwords campaign quickly.


3 Best Google Adwords Reports to Optimize Your Google Ad Campaigns

1. Top vs Other

Top vs Other is a helpful Adwords Report that basically shows your performance at the top (1-3) positions and enables you to compare it with your performance at other positions (to the right or below search results).


adwords reports top vs other


You can find this adwords report in the each of the campaigns, ad groups, keyword and ads tabs, in the “Segment” drop down.

top vs other adwords report


Why is it useful

Sometimes the top positions may be super expensive and not really the optimal ad positions for your campaign. If you’re running a tight ad budget, this can seriously limit the number of clicks/conversions you get. This adwords report enables you to identify the best locations for your ad. You can easily analyze the CPA & conversion rate for different positions, and quickly figure out where you want to display your ads. In the above example, the CPA is significantly lower & conversion rate is significantly higher in “Other” positions, compared to the top ad positions. So you can tweak your ad bids to aim for Other positions, which will provide a better ROI for your campaign.


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2. Top Movers

Top Movers is another super useful adwords report that enables you to regularly monitor the changes in performance, with regards to clicks, conversions, converted clicks and cost. It helps you see which campaigns an ad groups saw the biggest changes in clicks & cost, and figure out what might be driving those changes. You can find this report in “Dimensions” tab, under the “View” dropdown.

adwords reports top movers


It allows you to compare performance of current time period ( you can select 7 days, 14 days, or even 28 days) with previous time period. It shows top increases, top decreases and other useful metrics for each of the 4 categories – costs, clicks, conversions, and converted clicks.

top movers data adwords reports


You can select any of these categories to drill-down into further details. For each category, it separately tells you the top increase/top decrease by campaign, ad group, network and device. It also provides details about changes in impression, CTR, Ad positions and CPC.

adwords reporting top movers details



Why is it useful

It’s important to be able to regularly monitor changes in your campaign performance, to understand what’s working and what isn’t so you can quickly optimize your Ads. This report allows you to monitor changes in all the key PPC metrics like clicks, conversions, etc from one place, without having to create separate charts & reports. This makes it easy to understand the impact of your changes and optimize your efforts easily. It also allows you to identify areas that have lost clicks or conversion, or seen a spike in their spend and quickly zero in on them.


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3. Networks (with Search Partners)

Here’s another useful Adwords Report that allows you to monitor the performance of your ad campaigns, based on which networks your ads are shown in (including search partners).

adwords reports for network performance


You’ll find this report under each of the campaign, ad groups, keywords, and ads tabs, in the “Segment” drop down.

network with search partners adwords report


Why is it useful

Although you can separate search & display ad campaigns, it’s not possible to create separate campaigns for Search partners only. For most accounts, the ad performance for search partners network works in a way similar to google search, although it has a lower CTR, it’s important to keep an eye on it. This will ensure that your CPA for each ad campaign does not exceed your goals. If you find that you’re spending a lot on displaying your Ads in Google Search partner sites and not driving good ROI, then you can go to settings and simply turn it off. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off specific Google Partners or customize your bid strategy for certain partners, you can only enable or disable all partners together.


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You can share the above adwords reports with your clients, team and partners to help them understand how your ad campaigns are growing their business. Although there are plenty of Google Adwords Reports, it’s important to regularly monitor the right ones to be able to clearly understand the performance of your Google Ad Campaigns, focus on the right metrics and optimize your Google Ads quickly. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time & money optimizing numbers and trends that don’t have a high impact on your Ad performance. Worse yet, you may even use unnecessary adwords reporting tools to monitor tons of ineffective metrics.

What adwords reports do you for tracking Ad Campaign performance?