10 Best Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools can help you manage your business presence on all major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+, reach your target audience, increase brand awareness and get quality leads for your business, from one place.


What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management refers to management of inbound as well as outbound messages and interactions on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. It allows you to efficiently listen to social conversations across multiple social media accounts and participate in relevant conversations.

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10 Best Social Media Management Tools

Here are 10 best social media management tools for 2017 that you can use to boost productivity and juggle multiple social media accounts. Some are free social media management tools, some provide a limited free plan, while others offer a free trial.


1. HootSuite

hootsuite social media management tools

HootSuite is one of the most popular Social Media Management Tools for both marketers and businesses. It enables you to collaboratively run multiple campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, all from just one well-designed online dashboard.

HootSuite is an amazing tool for managing social media accounts, tracking social conversations and measuring campaign performance using the web or mobile devices. HootSuite offers a free plan to get started. They also have Pro & Enterprise plans that offer unlimited social profiles, advanced message scheduling, enhanced analytics,  integration with Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. Their free plan allows you to connect up to 3 social profiles and even schedule content.

HootSuite offers a 30-day free trial. Pricing starts at $9.99/month.


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2. Buffer

buffer social media management platform

Buffer is another amazing Social Media Management Platform. Buffer allows you to schedule content such as posts & tweets across social media platforms. You can create a queue of content, and schedule each post to be posted at various times of the day. This allows you to consistently maintain social media presence throughout the day, or week without worrying about posting times. It is also useful if your target audience is in a different timezone (say US) than yours (say UK). Buffer also helps you track key social media metrics such as the reach & engagement of your posts.

Buffer is a powerful Social Media Management Tool for Small Businesses as well as Large Enterprises. With Buffer, you can manage your personal social media accounts, groups and even business pages such as Facebook Business Page. It offers a free plan that allows you to connect 1 profile from each social network, and schedule up to 10 posts a day. Paid plans begin at $9/month.


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ifttt internet automation tool

IFTTT is an awesome internet automation tool that can save you tons of time by managing social media tasks automatically. It allows you to connect apps with each other and automate tasks by creating workflows (called recipes). You can connect any major social media network or channel to other apps & platforms and automate sharing on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, based on an action that you specify. For example, you can post a tweet automatically every time you publish a blog post, or when you get a newsletter from one of the blogs you’re following. IFTTT has a free plan that requires you to create public workflows. Their paid plan starts at $199/month.

Zapier is another internet workflow automation tool that is similar to IFTTT.


4. TweetDeck

tweetdeck twitter management software

TweetDeck is a free social media management tool that allows you to monitor & manage your Twitter feeds from one place. You can filter Twitter feeds to only track what’s important to you and even schedule tweets like HootSuite & Buffer. It also sends you notification alerts for new tweets. TweetDeck is available for free as a web application, as well as a Desktop Application for Mac & Windows.

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5. SocialOomph

socialoomph social media management tool

SocialOomph is another popular Social Media Management Tool that provides tons of features to manage your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk and even your blog. With SocialOomph, you can schedule tweets, track keywords, mentions and retweets, auto follow and even auto-DM your new followers. The auto-follow and auto-DM are amazing ways to build connections on twitter, that allow you to automatically follow your followers and even send a DM (e.g Thanking them for follow) automatically. SocialOomph is another useful Social Media Management Tool for Small Businesses.

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6. SproutSocial

sproutsocial social media management solution

SproutSocial is a powerful social media management and audience engagement platform that provides a single unified inbox to keep track of all the messages that you receive/post across your Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin Accounts. You can even schedule posts to your social media accounts like Buffer or HootSuite. Sprout Social even provides a rich analytics and reporting dashboard that allows you to monitor and measure the reach & engagement of your posts. Sprout Social provides a 30-day free trial. Pricing begins at $99/month.

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7. Tweepi

tweepi twitter management software

Tweepi is a unique Social Media Management Software for Twitter that allows you to flush your unfollowers and cleanup the inactives. It’s a powerful Twitter management tool that even allows you to reciprocate following and follow new tweeps. With their pro version, you can follow/unfollow in bulk for up to 200 users at once. Pricing begins at $10.75/month.


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8. Social Flow

socialflow social media monitoring platform

SocialFlow is a unique social media monitoring tool that track social media conversations in real-time to predict the best time to post your content, to maximize reach and engagement. Some of its customers include major publishers like Mashable, The Washington Post, and The Economist. SocialFlow also provides features that help users increase audience engagement and revenue per customer. It even analyzes social signals to help marketers identify new opportunities for Promoted Tweets, Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories, amplifying the reach & engagement of paid advertising campaigns on Twitter & Facebook.

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9. Social Bro

socialbro social media management tools

Social Bro (now called Audiense) is a Social Media Management Software that helps you engage with your community on Twitter. It allows you to browse your Twitter community to find influencers, find out the best time to tweet, track user engagement and analyze competitors. It even analyzes the timelines of your followers and provides a detailed report that tells you the optimal time to post tweets for maximum retweets and replies.


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10. AgoraPulse


agorapulse facebook marketing tools

Agora Pulse is a Social Media Analytics Tool that enables you to measure and optimize your social media marketing campaigns. It provides easy-to-understand analytics and suggestions to improve online engagement and timing. Agora Pulse even provides insights about your audience and recommends the optimal times to schedule content.

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Hopefully, the above list of Best Social Media Management Tools for 2017 help you easily manage social accounts and boost your productivity. If you’re starting out, I’d suggest starting with Buffer & HootSuite. Personally, I found HootSuite to a be a little difficult to use whereas Buffer was a breeze.

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Do you use any of the above tools? Share your experience with us as comments.