10 Best Google Analytics Reports for Your Business

Google Analytics Reports are amazing tools to easily track all the key web traffic KPIs from one place. Google Analytics already provides some really useful pre-configured reports that give you tons of insights about website visitors, helps you understand user behavior and increase conversion rates. However, it is the ability to create custom Google Analytics Reports that enables marketers to make the most of Google Analytics, get highly specific insights about their business and take the best step forward. Here are the 10 Best Google Analytics Reports that you can install in your GA Profile with just one click.


10 Best Google Analytics Reports for your Business

Here are a few Custom Google Analytics report templates to measure site performance and acquisition patterns

1. Browser Report

One of the most common reasons why businesses lose money is because their website is not compatible with visitor’s browser or device. To prevent this from happening, you can create a custom Google Analytics Report that shows number of visitors per browser, and segment this report further by the type of device (mobile, tablet, desktop). You can also track conversion rates and even revenues in these reports, along side number of visits

custom google analytics reports browser report

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2. Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Report

This custom Google Analytics Report, by Avinash Kaushik, helps you figure out the efficiency & performance of each source of traffic to your website. It shows you the total sessions, new users, unique users, goal value per session & goal conversion rate, all broken down by traffic source & medium.

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3. Customer Behavior Report

Here’s an amazing custom Google Analytics Report by Peter Van Klinken that shows how user behavior changes between new and returning users in terms of overall traffic, conversion goals and event completion. It was awarded the best report in a contest organized by Avinash Kaushik.

custom google analytics reports customer behavior report

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4. Mobile Performance Report

This is the perfect Google Analytics Report to find out if your website is optimized for mobile devices or not, and identify areas of improvement. For example, the mobile performance report below shows a high bounce rate for Android devices, meaning the site developers need to improve website performance and user experience for Android.

google analytics report example mobile performance report

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5. Page Timing Report

Here’s a simple yet powerful Google Analytics Report that every website can use. It basically lists the pages that have an unusually high load time as well as which have high bounce rate. In this report, you can switch from data table view to comparison view to compare load times & bounce rates. This site diagnostic report makes it super easy to identify the problematic areas of your website that you can fix to retain visitors. After all, nobody likes to wait for slow loading pages.

Get Page Timing Report here


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Here are a few custom Google Analytics Report examples that tell you how your content is performing.

6. Hours & Days Report

Here’s an awesome Google Analytics Report that tells you on which days of the week and at what times of the day, your website receives the most traffic. This is really helpful to find out the ideal reading times of your site visitors and optimize your blog posting times accordingly.

google analytics report template hours & days report

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7. Referring Sites Report

This custom Google Analytics Report by Anna Lewis, is designed to help you identify the referring sites that are most valuable to your website. You can not only find how much traffic these referring sites are driving to your website but also track the goal conversion rate due to each referring site.

Get Referring Sites Report


8. Content Efficiency Report

Here’s another great custom Google Analytics Report by Avinash Kaushik, that helps you find out the best performing pages on your website and the ones that can be optimized further. It’s really useful for website and blogs that produce a lot of content. This report helps marketers answer questions like:

  1. Which articles & blog posts are most engaging?
  2. Which topics & subjects are most interesting to readers?
  3. Which type of content ( articles, video, photos, etc) drives the most engagement?
  4. What type of content drives revenues?

google analytics dashboard template content analysis report

Get Content Efficiency Report here


9. Social Media Traffic Acquisition Report

This is another must-have google analytics report for every business that shows which social media platforms drive the most traffic to you website. It also shows whether these social media channels help achieve your business goals too. It tracks goal value and goal conversion rate to help you understand which social channels make most revenue and need more attention.

Get Social Media Traffic Acquisition Report here



Here are a few custom Google Analytics Reports for SEO

10. Referring Pages Report

Here’s a great Google Analytics Report to measure the effectiveness of your link building efforts and identify the top links referring to your site. In the report below, the referral path tells you the actual page (not just site) which links to your website. Metrics like Bounce rate and average session duration will tell you if the links are relevant and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Finally, the Per Session Value will tell you which links drive revenue for your business.


google analytics reports examples seo referral report

Get Referring Pages Report here


11. SEO Report for (not provided) keywords

It’s very annoying to not be able to see the actual keywords that drive traffic to your website. Here’s a Google Organic Insights custom report that provides SEO insights for (not provided) keywords. It provides the landing page URLs and titles which give a good idea about the keyword phrases that people are searching on Google before they arrive at your website.

Get SEO Keyword Report here


12. Keyword Analysis Report

Here’s another super useful custom Google Analytics Report for SEO, by Econsultancy. It shows the most popular keywords for your website, excluding the encrypted ones, along with visitor numbers, page load times, goal completions and conversion rates. It also has a tab that shows engagement for each keyword, which might be interesting for bloggers and content marketers, and another tab showing revenue metrics for each keyword.

Get Keyword Analysis Report here


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Hopefully, the above Google Analytics Reports will help you monitor your website traffic and better understand user behavior. In fact, Google Analytics is one of the best free web analytics tools with tons of google analytics standard reports that provide useful insights about website visitors, user behavior and engagement, and enable you to optimize your website design and content to grow your business. As you can see, Google Analytics can be used to track, analyze and report virtually anything that happens on your website. The key is to know how to create custom google analytics report that measure custom metrics and numbers, specific to your business. You can refer to the above list of custom Google Analytics Reports, add them to your GA profile or use them as templates to create your own custom Google Analytics Report.


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Have you created custom Google Analytics Reports for your Website? Do you have any tips to share with us?