10 Best Google Analytics Dashboards for your Business

Google Analytics Dashboards are really useful tools to track all the KPIs & performance metrics about your website visitors and their user behavior directly from your browser, or mobile phone. In fact, Google Analytics provides many standard reports and analytics dashboards that provide tons of meaningful insights. However, it also allows you to create custom Google Analytics dashboard to track KPI metrics, goals and events specific to your business.

Here’s a list of the best Google Analytics dashboards that you can use to get custom insights about your business. To use each custom Google Analytics dashboard example, simply click on the link under the screenshot to add it to your Google Analytics profile. You can also take a look at the google analytics dashboard widgets in these examples, and adapt some of them, if not all, for your own business.


10 Best Google Analytics Dashboard for your business


1. Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard

Here’s a really useful Google Analytics Dashboard for Mobile Ecommerce businesses, and Online Businesses that have a Mobile Ecommerce presence, by Justin Cutroni. It has a lot of useful dashboard widgets showing mobile-based performance metrics and KPI’s such as top handsets, top keywords, top content, mobile revenues, mobile cart abandonment and more.

google analytics dashboard for mobile ecommerce

Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard


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2. Ecommerce Dashboard

Here’s an insanely awesome Google Analytics Dashboard built for Ecommerce Businesses, by Michael Weigand. It tracks all the key metrics & KPIs for an ecommerce business such as number of visitors, visits, and pageviews. It even breaks down number of visitors by marketing channels, keywords and referrers to help you find out the best performing traffic sources and marketing channels. Similarly, it also tracks total revenue and sales, compares daily revenue with visitors, and also breaks down revenue by keywords and referrers.

custom google analytics dashboard for ecommerce

Perfect Ecommerce Dashboard


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3. Site Performance Dashboard

You’ll be amazed by the number of different ways you can use Google Analytics for your website and mobile apps. Here’s one of the best Google Analytics Dashboards to monitor your site performance. It shows several high-level dashboard widgets and metrics such as average load time, average response time and average domain lookup time, as well as detailed information about page load time by browser, server response time and domain lookup time by country. Use this to quickly identify & fix problems on your website.

custom google analytics report for website performance monitoring

Website Performance Dashboard


4. Blogging Dashboard

Generally, bloggers rely on the standard metrics & stats available in WordPress or JetPack, or use the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin, to get insights about how their blog posts are performing. Here’a ready made Google Analytics Dashboard for bloggers, by Dashboard Junkie, that helps them track vital information about their blogs such as most popular blog posts, traffic sources to your blog, how people find your blog, and which sites link to your blog. It also shows google analytics dashboard widgets about what percent of your readers are mobile, and in which countries your readers live. It’s a great way to know more about your readers, their background and preferences to optimize your content further.

custom google analytics dashboards for blogs and content management platforms

Dashboard for Bloggers


5. Real-time Dashboard for blogs

While the previous Google Analytics dashboard helps you find high-level trends and patterns about your readers, this one helps you monitor real-time activity on your blogs and other content management platforms. It provides real-time, at-a-glance view of key metrics & trends that are relevant for bloggers and content marketers, and is more useful than the usual real-time GA dashboard. It shows the total number of active visitors on your blog, and breaks down this number by each page and source of traffic. It even shows the number of page views in past hour, as well as past minute.

custom real-time google analytics dashboard for blogging platforms

Real-time Dashboard for Blogs


6. SEO Dashboard

Here’s one of the most insightful Google Analytics Dashboards, by Anna Lewis, designed specifically for SEO marketers and marketing agencies. It shows tons of useful metrics to monitor the performance of your SEO activities. It shows key organic search metrics such as number of visits, bounce rate and percent of new visitors for top keywords; and best organic landing pages along with their conversion rates.

google analytics dashboards for seo marketers and marketing agencies

SEO Dashboard


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7. Website Visitors Dashboard

Here’s another useful Google Analytics Dashboard by Dashboard Junkie, that provides 70 different useful facts about your website visitors in one place – their geography, language, browser, device, screen resolution, mobile devices and so on. You can use it to understand more about your website visitors, and optimize your website design and content to drive more traffic and increase user engagement.

google analytics website visitor dashboard

Visitors Dashboard


8. Content Marketing Dashboard

Here’s a great Google Analytics Dashboard for Content marketers. It provides many useful pieces of information about your content such as conversions by search query, social network and traffic source. It even shows blog visits, pages per visit, and visits per blog post. You can use it to monitor the performance content marketing campaigns for your business and identify areas of improvement.

google analytics content marketing dashboard

Content Marketing Dashboard


9. PPC Dashboard

Since most PPC advertisers also use Google Analytics to monitor PPC campaign performance & metrics, here’s a Google Analytics Dashboard that you can use to get a general overview of your PPC campaigns, as well monitor performance of each campaign in detail. It shows general PPC metrics such as total number of visits and its trends. It also shows a break up of visits & conversions for each PPC campaign and target keywords.

ppc dashboard

PPC Dashboard


10. Social Media Dashboard

Here’s another Custom Google Analytics Dashboard by Justin Cutroni, for Social Media Marketing. It provides tons of useful social media insights like on-site social actions (such as like, tweet), most shared content, break up of visitors who read an article based on their source of traffic, and revenue generated due to each social network.

google analytics social media dashboard

Social media Dashboard


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Hopefully the above Google analytics dashboards can help you add them easily to your GA profile without much hassle.As you can see, Google Analytics is an extremely versatile web analytics tool that allows you to track almost any kind of user activity on your website or mobile app, and generate custom google analytics dashboards and reports to get meaningful insights about your website visitors. If used correctly, it can help you understand how visitors discover your website, which sources drive traffic to your website and what visitors do once they’re on your website. The only flipside is that building custom google analytics dashboard and reports requires a fair amount of expertise with Google Analytics.


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Do you use any custom Google Analytics Dashboards and reports? Do you have any Google Analytics Dashboard Examples to share?